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Question:its made by avery and it is a special paper u print pictures on so u can put them on shirts. i dont know how to use it tho. like how high do u put on the iron and for how long and stuff

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: its made by avery and it is a special paper u print pictures on so u can put them on shirts. i dont know how to use it tho. like how high do u put on the iron and for how long and stuff

I've done a couple of them myself. The iron can be fairly hot, so put another piece of plain paper over the transfer to stop it scorching the transfer paper. This top piece of paper might get some brown burn marks on it during the tranfer.

You want to make sure the transfer takes so make sure it gets hot and give it at least 10 seconds of pressure on the iron to be sure the transfer is complete.


Instructions for iron-on transfer. I used this method successfully with my AVERY transfer paper. I searched their site but couldn't find these after I lost the instructions that came with the package. So, I found these on the web but in doc format from So thanks to them and a little bit of me they are in html. Oh, and remember to reverse your image so you can read it in a mirror.


Make sure that you are using in INKJET printer. Laser printers will not work for these t-shirts. Insert an AVERY FABRIC TRANSFER sheet into your printer. Make sure that the blank side of the sheet is the one that the image will be printed on. You can cut out the image if you wish.

DO NOT USE AN IRONING BOARD; use a HARD surface when ironing. Fold the pillow case in half, and place it on top of the hard surface that you will be ironing. Then, place the T-Shirt on top of the pillowcase, and center the sheet that you just printed.

Wait for your iron to fully heat up, and ensure that you ARE NOT using steam! If you use steam, it is more than likely that your shirt will not come out. Once the iron is fully heated, place it on one spot, and hold it there for twenty seconds. Then, move it to a spot adjacent to the one you just finished, overlapping just a little. After you have ironed the entire image, pull up a small corner of the image sheet. If the image appears to be transferring correctly, continue to remove the entire sheet. If not, repeat the ironing process until the image is transferring correctly. If you are doing a double sided t-shirt, wait for the first side to cool down, and then place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to ensure that the first image is not melted.

Avery suggests that you wash your garment before wearing. However, it is completely up to you. I have worn my t-shirts almost immediately after they cooled, and they were fine.

When you wash your new t-shirt for the first time, it is essential that you follow every step to ensure that your shirt will not peel away. In addition to the instructions below, I have found that using fabric softener wears out the t-shirt faster, so if possible, DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER.

do you have a good iron?you will need to protect your cloth and your iron the easiest way to do that is to use a piece of brown paper or cooking parchment paper , now your design has a subtle variation the side with the design that goes on your fabric is slightly rough or uneven if you prefer that side goes on the fabric now the paper to protect the fabric so the paper brown or parchment is on top the design image side down on the fabric and the fabric on the bottom of the stack set your iron to cotton for cotton and let it get hot [lick your finger and lightly touch the iron if it sizzles its hot or use a spray bottle and a squirt causes steam iron is ready] now make sure your steam on your iron is off and empty gently press the decal into place by holding in place first 15 seconds then peek at a corner if the decal is still on the paper reapply heated iron for ten more seconds thickness of fabric and iron type are variables so be patient and go slowly checking the edges to see the application working have fun