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I see it as the taj mahal in india. Supposed to be a tranquil and peaceful place. But in this pic there are winding stairs and buildings clogging up the way to it. Many obstacles in the artists mind to serenity. But he/she values that serenity because it builds up to a summit, higher than all else and unparallel to all else. Its black and white: straighforward message that the artist doesn't want to be misconstrued or falsly interpreted. Each way up this winding path has a story to tell. I assume the houses are filled with different people and experiences. Beyond the subconscious, the artist has a social message. A place, perhaps a country's ideal state is being compromised. Something is occupying its ideal state. There is no clear solution. The artist has no answer either he only shows glimpses of stairs but doesn't show us the clear path. Maybe he/she has one in his head but is afraid to show it....

a city messup

Government ruling a pile of s**t...!

like a fat man thinking with a hand near his mouth

It seems like since there's so many houses put together, you get this feeling of stuffiness and gloominess with the gray. Also, how the houses seem to form a castle/tower of some kind gives off how everyone forms our society today. And if a person was to go out of the tower, they would immediately be and outsider.

Something sad and untidy yet there are some forms of uniform pattern(geometry). I assume its an island full of building. This signify some kind of busy-ness.

not bad.

The hills of Taxco in Mexico with the most important part of the city at the top - the church.

It looks like a medieval city or castle keep, I like it.
Fortaleza is a Spanish word for strength (babble fish, translates)