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Question:Was it something that you've always been able to do, or was it something that you fell into or took up out of need for an outlet?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Was it something that you've always been able to do, or was it something that you fell into or took up out of need for an outlet?

I took to sculpting when I first held the clay in my hands and squeezed, saw it form into whatever I wanted it to. After that, I was hooked. For painting, it was a little different, mainly because there's so many techniques for each painting medium. I like acrylics, but don't like the fact that they dry so fast. I love oils, but they make me sneeze when I have to clean up. I love the ease of watercolors, but hate all the dad-blamed drawing I have to do beforehand.
I also work with wire, which can pinch the heck out of your fingers.
I'd say, I first found my artistic medium and actually fell in love with it when I was very young and sqeezed wet dirt. I got the same feeling when I sqeezed clay and to this day, I love it. I sculpt dolls, animals and unusual pieces for ornamental jewelry and have always had this ability.

I'm still looking for mine... lol.

For me it was practice, practice, practice.

Oh - and lots of paper

I love scrawling on a page - then I apply ink with a brush so I can get a different width of line each time - its very therapeutic and I do it just for fun

I'm still practising :p

I think you should just try new thing out and see from there!

i doodle but not really artistic as some people lol

None of the choices you offer. In fact I did not even find my artistic medium. It found me through sickness and fear.
I was epileptic and after I was cured, the fear and anxiety of another possible attack lingered and stayed.
Elemental forces associated with darkness like specters, Othello's 'athropophagi' - men whose heads grow beneath their shoulders -, and other nightmarish spectral visitants began to take new shapes. I could see them all in broad daylight as the spooks began to establish their control in apostolic succession! I was barely seven then.
Since then, works of art and the imagination have often awakened me to re-focus on the images in shadowy corners where wraiths slink and display rambunctious vitality and self-assurance that is quite astonishing. It is akin to getting constant egg-treatment from a muse which is under the influence . . . . with nectar!
That was how it all began!!

good luck

I think that it was in the father played jazz guitar in the clubs in Philly....I play classical guitar....and have loved guitar since I was about nine....I think when you have a talent you know it when your very's something in the soul that has to come out !!!!!!!

IN a scean of yarn. I have been chrocheting since I was nine and it is my one true love other than my husband. I am to the point that I truly dont need a pattern, I can just pick up needle and yarn and create anything that comes to mind. It is a true art that is so over looked. Not to mention very theraputic.

I was in a very bad wreck and paralized. My arm was bloke in the wreck among other, more serious injuries, and they didn't know my arm was broke until it was too late for them to do anything for it and so my right arm hurt to the point I couldn't move it. A couple of months after I got out of the hospital, which was a nine month stay, my family asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Of course, I told them a new pair of legs. After they stopped laughing andasked again I told them yarn.

Within a month of picking the needle back up my arm didn't hurt anymore and I could move it. That was just over a year ago and now I am still pain free and I nearly have full range of motion in my arm.