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Question:Can someone please help me be a werewolf? i've wanted to be one since i was 8 and i need some help. Can someone (someone already a werewolf preferably) help me out? thnxx

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Can someone please help me be a werewolf? i've wanted to be one since i was 8 and i need some help. Can someone (someone already a werewolf preferably) help me out? thnxx

i dont know any or seen any i think u have to be bit or something like that. ?????
Grow a lot of hair, eat people, and howl at the moon - that's all I know. The Halloween stores usually have werewolf cotumes - to help get you in the mood. *shrug*
Your being manipulated by fiction.
In your case, werewolves do exist. But it is very rare for somebody out of the blue, without being bitten to become one, though it has happened before.
One question, are you 9?
Well, soon you might start saying, WHY THE HELL DO I BELIEVE IN THIS ****?
Trust me, you will.
Then again, I am in the web design business and helped design many sites and Wikipedia pages, such as the 'Werewolf' article, I have had lots of werewolf related business in online communities that I work for.
I guess you could say, man saw the wolf and said it is the greatest, fastest and strongest hunter they had ever seen.
They all wanted to become apart of the wolf, so they tried and prayed to become a wolf, werewolf and any other kind of the grand hunting beast.
Until, the human race invented weapons, twice as strong as the power of a wolf. We started to stop wearing wolf skins, howling at the moon and killed all the wolves off (especially in Europe), leading to this day.
Eventually, we think on it again, after watching a good old werewolf movie, we say, 'WOULDN'T IT BE COOL TO BE A WEREWOLF?' Of course it would, humans always like trying things out.
But trust me, you DO NOT want to be apart of this dark race.
Ever since people whom wanted to become werewolves existed, others hated wolves and werewolves and willed to harm, if not kill them.
Werewolves, no matter what kind and breed are always on the run, hiding from the media. Now and then, people catch eye on them, many werewolf unexplained sightings have been viewed in Wisconsin State, USA.

But, as an answer to your, NO.

For as far as I could know, they could not exist, not many people have seen them, nor believe in them.
I am sceptical but I believe.
I think you have a "disorder" for lack of better terms, called Lycanthropism , which is basically when you think you are a werewolf or some other aggressive animal. Some people, deal with this and say that when they go throught he change, they don't remember it, or some say they do remeber it , and thought they have had hieghtened sense awarness and needed to prowl in the woods, etc. The mind is a really fascinating thing; I personally think that lycanthropism is a kind of schizoprenia, in which you have suppressed your own aggression and express it in a way that takes away the need to be responsible for your own actions. NOT NECESSARILY in a bad way; people who think they are lycans don't all go out malling people, or attacking things, but they do all have an aggressive side, that they have managed to make into its own persona. I think you should read up on this "disorder" so to speak, and see if you identify with it. Blessings.........