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Question:What are the most essential things to include in a presentation about ancient egyptian art?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: What are the most essential things to include in a presentation about ancient egyptian art?
Depends on what grade you are teaching. Ask what is important about art? Why it was made? Who made it? What is its fuction? Art is not all about the products as much as the process and social environment it was created in. Stick to the basics, pyramids, canopic jars, tomb paintings. But it is important that you can communicate, explain why they are that way. For example: The quantity of religous related art could mean that religion is important to society. Who biult the pyramids gives info on the social stratification. But wait, there's more! You will find that Egyptian art has a very specific canon, that is, strict rules for how and what to depict. Look at the evolution of that canon. Interesting- a ruler, I believe his name was Ahkenaton (maybe spelled wrong); tried to change the main God. It is no coincidence that art changed during that time. Well, his trend was short lived. What does this say about Egyptian society's desire for order?
it sort of depends on how you want to organize it.

i would start with the Egyptian gods ( since they are in so much of the old tomb art)

the large sculptures and tombs tended to be memorials to Pharaohs - political art, so to speak..

i think you would need to include hieroglyphs, how the earliest symbols were just that -- symbols. Then they represented - i forget the middle. then it evolved into more of an alphabet.

but it one tomb, you can find the same glyph , in some places used as the old symbol, in other places used as part of a word.
Use the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen with its rich details of the art found there. Fabulous pieces.