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a red rose and a kiss on ur hand =0.
A dedication of my life to you.
My penis of steel?

It depends. How many ounces does it way, and is it an enlarged heart? Although an enlarged heart is a health problem, it could come in handy if you're getting paid by the ounce.
I have given you a star now it's your for asking .......The Moon?
call an ambulance you need a transplant stat
Shes a girl who likes her living
Never tired of always giving
Faceless men pay for the pleasure
And the nights go on and on

Walking in the street
For a handful money
Love dont come cheap
With a heart of gold
Shes indiscreet

But to me, girl, its funny
That they pay for the love
Of a girl with a pure
Heart of gold

She aint hungry for a lover
When its over, theres another
Loneliness wont be a problem
When the nights go on and on

But something about her makes me cry
The light is fading from her eyes
Memories of girlish purity
Where love surrenders

...and the nights go on and on

>$100 by the logic of the song, heart of gold if igo by the meaning of the song