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Question:hahha this is damn difficult

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: hahha this is damn difficult
Well, there are undiscovered animal species that have yet to be named.

Elements 110+ (on the periodic table) may be named in the future. When I was in school, 104+ had no names, and now apparently, 104-109 have names.
Everything has a name or noone would know how to describe it or know what it is.
The letter that we use that we can pronounce but can't name?
the plastic thing on the end of a shoe lace
That thing under my brothers bed thats starting to gush and bubble.. eck!
If it doesn't have a name then how can anyone name it. Furthermore, wouldn't it be non-existant?
The new planet....they claim that there are ten instead of nine...and they don't have a positive name for it least I haven't heard it yet !!!!!!!!!
well their are plants that have't been unsiscoverd
Franklins supermarket generic products.
No Name brand.
there are some animal that don't have a name.Believe me in the yahoo news i saw a half Zebra AND a half Horse.

i call it Zorse or Hebra.
The things that have not been discovered yet or are so small that they invisible , Aliens have not been individually named by us on earth yet.
But they will get named as they are found
Although these may have been named by other beings living in this universe of which we have no knowledge,
the area behind the knee
Things that are undiscovered. That whatcha macallit, usually have names.
The remnants of a black hole..that has ceased to exist.