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Question:Specifics please? Any part of the media?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Specifics please? Any part of the media?
The only part of the media I hate is that they are biased in either direction, Conservative or Liberal. They need to be to neutral to get the story accurate. I understand that if they are doing a report on something to expose the truth, then they need to go in either direction, but I wish they would leave the regular news alone.
The aspect of blatant lies and fictious annoncements in order to keep their ratings up or make sensational headlines in order to attract readership or viewers. Don't you think it's about time the media (TV radio and newspapers) had a code of conduct and ethics and kept to it. If there is one then those responsible for irresponsible reporting should be bought to justice and their company and reporter made to pay a fine. There are numerous examples of this negative propoganda from people who should know better. Of course the real issue here is political and different politically motivated media have an axe to grind. The best media reporting is non political. Just give us the facts. Editorial comment and letters is where opinions should be aired, not front pages of silly, banal tabloids or TV channels backed by political parties. Why don't the media report advances and improvements? Because good news doen't sell and there is always a vested interest somewhere. I use web searches to find the truth and I read a lot. Did you know that cars are made that run on compressed air? No? Why do you think that is not reported? Because there is a vested interest in oil, gas and other stuff. Same with any field of endeavour. Search for the truth. Don't believe what the media want you to believe. They want to sell you something.
How they're obsessed with no talent hacks like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan! I don't care if they enter/leave rehab, so stop putting that on every damn cover!
Not even attempting anymore to have a neutral viewpoint anymore. Focusing on titillation instead of information. Not asking the really important questions anymore, especially with this current presidential administration. They ask more hard hitting questions to celebrities then they do people in power.

I don't like the lack of diversity shown, not just racial, but age, body types, personality, story-lines, etc.
First, I remember when the evening news could be trusted to be impartial. Now we have Fox News. Second, I remember when we had news documentaries. Now we have reality shows.
Interlude ! An event or story being shown but interrupted promptly reflecting poor technical supports.
I do not like many of the commercials; especially the one advertising Musinex where the little green creatures made of you know what is running out of someones nose. (It works, though). Grams