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Question:These websites say the Hebrews were black. Are these legitmate websites?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: These websites say the Hebrews were black. Are these legitmate websites?
No. Most of these groups calling themselves "Black Hebrews" are not actual Israelites at all. But there ARE Black Jews. In addition to some Jews-by-choice of African descent (when I was learning at a Yeshiva - a college for Jewish studies - a few of the guys learning there were Jewish and Black), there is a substantial community of Black Jews (most of whom live in Israel), known as "Beta Israel" or "Falasha Jews," from Ethiopia (I think that latter name may be a derogatory term used by the Ethiopian gentiles).

Though the subject of dispute (primarily because they were missing the Oral Tradition that has been an essential part of Judaism since time immemorial), many reliable rabbinic authorities maintain that that Beta Israel are the real deal. And those who maintain that an Ethiopian Jew needs to undergo conversion may in fact be doing them a kindness in that the Ethiopian Jews, without the Oral Torah for so long, lacked the mechanism to effect a proper divorce according to Jewish Law. In Judaism, children born of illicit relations are considered "mamzerim" (bastards). This does not include children born out of wedlock, but those born of incest, or of adultery - and a woman who marries a second husband without properly divorcing the first is technically committing adultery. Since mamzerim suffer both a spiritual and social stigma, requiring the Ethiopian Jews to convert, and thereby eliminating the possibility of one being declared a mamzer, could save them a lot of trouble.

To sum up, there are Black Jews - more than a hundred thousand of them. But I'm afraid they're not the people behind those websites.

Yes they are legitimate only some of the allegations are highly debatable.

What is in a name? I'd ask.
And the writer says thus:
For instance, the ancient Egyptians didn't call their land Egypt, they called it Kemet /Khemet / KMT. The Hebrews called it Mizraim and Pathros, the Greeks called it Aegyptios, and in English it's called Egypt. All These names refer to the same African country, which means they all have the same meaning but are spelled and pronounced according to the language they are spoken in. This is the same with Hebrew and Israelite. Both are spoken and spelled differently than Ibriy and Ysrayl but they carry the same meaning.

Take it in with a pinch of salt.
cheers and good luck.
why not? Jesus was a Jew and one of the kindest people on the face of the earth that existed. does the skin really matter?