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Question:where can i find what different symbols on a coats of arm mean?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: where can i find what different symbols on a coats of arm mean?
When clans chose their heraldry, they chose symbols that were personally meaningful to them, then told people their meaning. It worked well, because bees and the fleur-de-lis are still associated with France. There are some symbols that have an almost universal meaning, but you can also choose your own.
When Christians went on crusade, they are said to have, "picked up the cross," because they all used a cross in their heraldry for the mission.
Some royal families incorporated lions, because even back then the lion was known as the king of beasts. Lesser lords would not have been able to use such noble animals, and would have made do with bulls, elk, etc.
Heraldry was a very over-the-top form of advertisement. Very few people would have chosen emblems that suggested, "I am pretty average." Here's a list of emblems
to get you started.
A personal coat of arms should be just that: personal!. Choose pictures or symbols that mean something to you. You might include a symbol of your country such as the Maple Leaf for Canada or the Eagle for the US. Your favourite animal or one that symbolizes some character trait you are proud of; such as a lion for courage. Plants symbols also have meanings. The site below is a good one to find the meanings of heraldry symbols.
Search Heraldy on www.