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Question: Some advice from a writer!?
Hi, I'm 15!. I absolutely love to write!. Any writers out there have any advice for me about your writing career!? Just tell me anything!. I want to be a writer, or a journalist when I get older!. It's one of my dreams and writing just makes me happy!.

I also started writing today because I just got an urge to!. I have no idea where this is going but I would like to ask if it gets your attention any!? Do you see any spelling or grammar mistakes in it!? I was actually thinking of going somewhere with this piece!. But please just tell me anything you want to!.

I also met a writer one time and he told me that you should never start your novel at the beginning!. Is this true!?

Here is what I wrote so far:

I sometimes like to think reality doesn’t exist!. Living in some kind of fantasy world would be just fine for me!. I believe every body should be filled with peace in their heart, mind, and spirit!. There are many ways you can break your own peace, and once you get caught up in your lies, it’s sure to be gone!.
I’ve lost trust in so many people, including the ones closest to me!. You make mistakes only if your human but according to some people, there is a point when enough is enough!. Hope is the magical thing that keeps me hanging on!. If it’s not set in my mind, then I’m lost!. Being lost leads to me doing stupid things that I don’t normally do!. Then, doing stupid things leads to me getting so jumbled up that it feels like I’m at the point of worthlessness and hopelessness!. And today, that’s where I’m at now!.
This morning I woke up and felt the same just like every other morning before school emotionally beat down and scared!. The sun still hadn’t rose yet and the city was still asleep!. I walked up to my mirror and stared at my pale face with dark, blue and black rings circling my eyes!. One word repeated in my mind over and over again!. It’s a word that I have been called a lot lately just because of the few mistakes I have made!. I leaned my face closer to the mirror!. To lower my self-esteem even more the word freed its self from my head and said, “Hello!. My name is Liar!.”Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
What you have written is very good!. I applaud your skills for 15 years of age!. I am a writer and can recognize that you have skills!. Grammer can always be improved on!.!.!.talent is a gift!. Your writing will come from the heart, and if your gift is good, it will show in the words!.
Let me answer one of your questions first!.!.!.EVERY writer is different in thier approach to writing a book!. The few people who can commit to an entire book will tell you that your approach comes from what you feel most comfortable with!. Some create an outline with recipe cards to guide them from chapter to chapter!. Others just pour it out on paper from the start and throw grammer to the wind just to get it on paper!. Some start out witha short story and expand from there!. But there is no set guidelines on how to write the entire book!.!.!.that is your choice and comfort level to decide!.
Here is some advice for you!.!.!.go find a copy of Stephen King's book!.!.!."On Writing"!. You do not have to be a fan of his novels to appreciate his talent for writing!. He is very open about the craft and his approach, as well as his experience with other writers!.
Then, go pick up a copy of Writer's Digest!. There are plenty of tips there to help with story structure, grammer, and ideas!.
I certainly hope this helps you and please remember one thing!.!.!.in order to write, you must constantly read!. If you read King's book, he will explain this!. The more you emerse yourself in the craft and the language, the more tools you have to write!
Good luck fellow writer!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Oh sorry!.!.!.I thought this thread said you needed advice from a winner!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I love it!. Keep going on that!. But some advice, don't count on the urges to get you through a book!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Awesome!! I'm a 13 year old writer!. My book is 19 chapters and the longest chapter i have is 21 pages!. Its about a girl named Rory and she absolutely is in love with Dakota!. But everytime they get together they break each others heart!. She has 2 kids and at this point is 21!. One kid is her dead boyfriends, his name is Nathan!. And Dakota takes him in as his own then she ends up accidently preg with Dakotas twins, one dies!. Dakota is special he can play around with the time!. She knows this, but he cant change death!. One thing is going on after another!. My friends love it, but I'm getting so wrapped up in it!.!. We should talk about our books though, it would be very interseting!.

my email is justme!.imhappy@yahoo!.comWww@QuestionHome@Com

Writing novels or books from the beginnings is hard to do its restricting and changes evrything that you invisioned!. Starting at key points like dramatic parts of it are better, because then you can give detail as to why the events happened which will primarily give you the beginning!.

I like your work you do need a few improvements, like sentence structure, vocabulary (the average person has a eigth grade reading level)!. And use of imagery, ( you need more details, give us a feel of who the character is, her deep thoughts, and the things around her!.)
Write as if you were truly that character in that situation!.!.!.!.

Good Luck and keep up the writing you have a gift!.Www@QuestionHome@Com