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Question: Vampire Academy Series Or Twilight Saga!?
I Love Both Very Much!
Buht I Think I Might Like VA More :]
Partly Because Of Dimitri Belikov<3
I Love Iht Very Much!.
Rose Is Awesome And Dimitri and Mason Make Iht So Much Better!.
I Think I Cried More In Shadow Kiss[The Third Book In VA] Than Any Book Ever!.
Tears Just Ran Down My Face And Wouldn't Stop Near The End When They Would Take About Dimitri!.
And Then How Janine Was All Hes Dead!. OMG That Just Got Too Me!!!
I Think I Like VA Better Because Iht Doesn't have The Tipical Cliche To Have A Happy Ending!.
And Twilight Has That!.
I Dunno :]
What's Your Opinion!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
I like VA!.

Mead managed to appeal to me in three major ways that Meyer failed

1!. Balancing the story and maintaining both the suspense and romantic undertones!. Meyer's books aren't balanced at all!. Ya there is action in them but well I had to stay awake long enough to get to it, which was annoying!. There are also several points in the Twilight books where the undertones are completely lost and only the surface plot for that scene is there!. Mead intertwines the story telling and the action!. The stories began with a fighting sequence and things continue to happen throughout each book!. She doesn't isolate the action like Meyer did!. She also manages to maintain both the suspense and the romantic undertone throughout!.

2!. Creating a stong lead character!. Bella is extemely irritating, and as a narrator completely turned me off!. She keeps being discribed as mature but I can't help thinking of her as a whinny 12 year old that needs to grow up!. It also doesn't help that the few flaws that she has are marginalized and don't affect anything!. Rose on the other hand is a dynamic, troubled, and independant character that kicks butt!. She is strong but also her flaws come into play causing her trouble within the book!.

3!. Creating a romance for someone that doesn't like romance!. I can't sit through a romance movie longer than 10 minutes let alone read a romance novel!. Twilight had action in it yes, but again it was issolated!. The romantic plot was sappy and cliqued which is something I especially have trouble with!. also the forbiddenness of the love seem forced as if it was the only thing keeping the plot together!. VA on the other hand was a book I enjoyed!. The romantic undertone stayed without ruining the suspense!. also I felt that the "forbidden love" actually served to help with the suspense rather than hurt it!. Just like people who are reading it for the romance aspect, I set down the 3rd book and thought "Wow" (okay my case it was wow things just got interesting but still it was a good)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Why Do You Capitalize Everything!?
I only read the first book of each, I didn't like either one!. I'd give VA the edge though!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Definitely Twilight!. Vampire Academy was very weird!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Twilight for sure!Www@QuestionHome@Com