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Question: I'm after the name of a kids book I read years ago! It was set in space and the hero had metal in his bones!?
It was part of a trilogy I think, and the hero had had this metal put into his bones (very wolverine style I think!) by someone!.!.!.can't remember that much about it!.!.!.any help!!?!!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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hi there
Sounds like the Last Legionary quartet by Douglas Hill to me!.
Top sci-fi! Keill Randor is the last legionary of the title!. The planet Moros was destroyed by an entity known only as 'The Warlord'!. Keill Randor, complete with a new unbreakable skeleton given to him by 'The Overseers' and a companion named Glr, embarks on a dangerous mission to avenge his people!.
I still have it on my shelf, might give it a reread!.
Cheers, Steve!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wild guess and I'm probably wrong!.!.!.but it wouldn't one of the books by sci-fi author Lois McMaster-Bujold!. She has a series of novels about her main character Miles Vorkosigan!.Naismit who was poisoned as a baby and has brittle bones!. They mostly had to be replaced by metal rods or something!. I don't think he was able to use them like Wolverine though!.

He is lives a double life as a spy - cover story is he is a space pirate, but he is also the son of one of the main rulers of his home planet!.

Some of the titles of the series that are mostly about Miles rather than his parents -

- The Warrior's Apprentice
- Borders of Infinity
- The Vor Game
- Brothers in Arms
- Borders of Infinity

I didn't think they were necessarily kids books, so I'm thinking perhaps not!. I'm tossing it out there just in case!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think it was 'The Last Legionary' by Douglas whatsisface as well!. And wasn't there a baddie called 'The One'!?

Wow, that brings back some memories!. Cheers, mate!Www@QuestionHome@Com