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Question: Do you hate the Twilight series!? Why or why not!?
Well, I do!. Don't ask me why, though - it might take me ages to finish typing an explanation!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I do!. Here's a list, which is pretty long:

>Bad writing style
>Too many cliches
>Ridiculous purple prose
>Everything is very superficial (Everybody is gorgeous)
>WAY too much fluff, and basically no stuff!.
>I'm going to be technical here!. How can Edward have sex with Bella!? He has no blood, so he can't achieve an erection!. He has no semen, so he can't impregnate her!. Yet, he clearly ejaculates SOMETHING into Bella, which is venom, and it doesn't transform Bella!.
>Having mentioned the above, the birth scene!. DISGUSTING!. Edward chewing through Bella's uterus!? GROSS!.
>If Bella's average, then!.!.!.
--->how do all the boys drool over her!?
--->how come the girls are jealous of her!?
--->how come Edward can't read her mind!?
--->how come her blood alone smells amazing!?
>I spotted 10 grammar errors on 1 page alone!. Meyer's editor is a complete idiot!.
>2-D, flat characters
>No stated flaws in characters
>"Too perfect" and ideal
>Ridiculous number of plot-holes
>The final showdown in BD was LAME!. Nobody important died!.
>Vampire Mafia!? They are lame (see above)
>Bella = whiny Mary Sue
>Edward = Gary Stu
>Sparkly vampires!?
>Very little plot (that is hastily added to end)
>Encourages girls to be extremely dependent on men
>Bella is suicidal in New Moon
>WAY too cliched
>If Edward weren't so "hawt", then Bella would have fled from his controlling grasp!.
>Not original AT ALL!. She ripped off of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Shakespeare, Anne Rice, and others, and didn't even do a good job at that!.
>Absolutely NOTHING in book outside of Bella and Edward!.
>Extremely weak (and virtually nonexistent in comparison) secondary characters!.
>High school experience is too ideal!. It sounds like Meyer wants to redo her high school years!.
>Anti-feminist (men>women)
>What should have been 1 book went to 4 books
>Edward is manipulative, controlling, abusive, etc!.
>Bella = self-insert for fangirls
>Meyer breaks a lot of her OWN rules
>Vampire spawn!? WTF!?
>Same adjectives repeated over and over and over and over!.!.!.
>Almost 1 in 3 sentences describes Edward's beauty!. I GET IT!.
>The attraction is LUST, not LOVE!.
>Edward stalks her!. I mean, watching someone in their sleep!? Can you say CREEPY!?
>Edward dismantles Bella's car so that she can't see her friends (Jacob)!.
>Pedophilia: a 108 year old vampire falls in love with a 17-year-old teen!. Likewise, a 16/17 year old werewolf imprints on a baby!.
>Bella and Edward first meet and are repelled!. Two weeks later, they are madly in love and would die for one another!.
>Bella ignores all of her friends once she hooks up with Edward!.
>Bella is not logical or smart (though Meyer seems to say otherwise)!. I mean, who would give up everything for a guy who emotionally abuses you!?
>Encourages teen marriage and teen pregnancy!.
>Meyer wrote 5 books in 4 years!. It shows how little she thought about each book!.
>The book was based on a dream only!.
>Meyer compared Edward Cullen to Edward Rochester (a man I absolutely love)!. The only thing they have in common is their first name!.
>Edward bargains with marriage!. It should be a strong union!. Not a bargaining device!.
>The fans that scream "OMG!!! LyK TWILiGHT is LyK ThE BesTEST ThInGG EVERRR!!!!1111"!.
>Fans that think Twilight is well-written!.
>I've had friends break up with me because I dislike the book!. How stupid is that!?
>Somehow, Bella could control her thirst perfectly upon becoming a vampire!. Not even Edward could match that!.
>Clumsiness is NOT A FLAW (and she loses that "flaw" in BD)!.
>Some of the Twilight fan-fics are WAY better than the original!. Pathetic!? Absolutely!.
>Everybody gets a happy ending!. Pathetic!.

Her explanation for the existence of Renesmee, I have several issues with that:

1!. SMeyer is NOT a biology major!.
2!. Sperm cannot survive for more than 24 hours without a 98!.6-ish body temperature!.
3!. S!.M!. website is NOT a reliable source for info on biology OR sexual intercourse!.
4!. An erection occurs from WARM (98!.6 farenheit) blood!. Not *ice cold* venom!. At the minimum, the venom would have to be at 98!.6 farenheit!.
5!. How humans go from 23 pairs of chromosomes to vampires with 25 pairs in 3 days is beyond me!.
6!. Since humans have 23 pairs and vampires have 25 pairs, they are DIFFERENT SPECIES!. Therefore, they cannot mate and produce offspring (aka Renesmee)!.

I didn't spend 4 years of high school to be slapped by Stephenie's pathetic excuse on how Nessie came to be!. The end!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I hate Twilight because the characters have no depth, the plot is horrible, the book reads like a horribly worded thesaurus, everyone gets everything with no sacrifice, and it's all over cliched!.

I also hate the hype!.

I hate it so much, I even made a site about it!.



You know, I forced myself to get through the entire series, and groaned at the predictability all the way through!.

I got so frustrated at the chaotic writing style, lack of character development, and ridiculous over explanations that by the middle of Breaking Dawn I actually threw the book against a wall!.

But my most loathed part of the series!? I refuse to believe that ANYONE can be as dumb as Bella in real life!. Seriously, the girl has no clue!.!.!.whatsoever!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Lynn's Angel hit the nail on the head!. I can understand the fantasy of this incredible love, and how it can attract young girls- but it's just that, a fantasy!. I agree Meyer's editor is an idiot, and Meyer herself is an insult to writing!. Plot holes, lack of character depth and development, no real theme besides her teenage obsessions!. I applaud her for enticing the younger generation to read, but I really hope she would have held herself to a higher standard and wrote better!. The idea is fun and fresh, but it's lazy!. Shame on her publishing company!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Good for you!. How many times has this question been asked!? Oh, like 500!. Nobody cares anymore!. You all hate Twilight!. Good for you!. Do you want a medal!? Would that make you feel better!?

And also, to the dude above me, for the last time, YOU don't get to decide what is or isn't literature!. So keep on making your year long lists, because nobody really reads then anyway!.

God, you "anti's" are so cool!Www@QuestionHome@Com

No I don't hate it!. I like it because it is really good!. also the fantasy romance thing in it makes it quite interesting:)Www@QuestionHome@Com

also as you can tell from my name I love Seth Clearwater!.!.!. One of the werewolves in twilight sagaWww@QuestionHome@Com

I don't hate it,Just that my sister is obsessed with it,sje reads it watches it and even listen audio book of it with she tortures me cause she puts it all loud!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I loved the twilight series!.!.!.I never wanted it to end

I loved the really spooky episodes :>Www@QuestionHome@Com

NO I don't hate them,but the beginning of Twilight doesn't really grab readers in!.!.!.other than that I think all the other books were pretty good!.they were interesting,I guess!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hate is an understatement!. lol!. nah, I'm moving on!.
I'm now in the stage where I've forgiven myself for wasting time on the book!. It's really boring!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I don't hate them, I just find that the hype is getting a little annoying!. And all the annoying fangirls are driving me up the wall!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


If you hate it so much don't ask the question!.
I hate twilight too,but that's mostly because I hate things everyone else likes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I don't hate it!. I just don't understand the hype!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i think that it is okay and it has good ideas but people are too obsessed about it!. It's only a book!. But i like that it has wolves!. I was a fan of wolves before this so yeah!. The movie was pretty ordinary!.Www@QuestionHome@Com