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Question: Quick Question About the Twilight War!?
Love it or hate it, that is your choice!.!.!.

I just want to understand why the people that hate it go so far out of their way to rant, complain, etc!. There is even a site dedicated to the hatred of the series!. If you hate it so much, why are you registering on a site and refreshing your screen every ten seconds so you can keep up with the insults being exchanged on the forum!? If you don't like it, why are you keeping up!? GROW UP AND IGNORE IT!!!

How hypocritical! I will probably get slammed here, but either way, just leave it alone, unless you have awesome reasoning and I'd love to hear it!.

Now let's see how many people prove me right!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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i understand what your saying but its their decisions and there will always be people like that

personally i hate twilight
i saw the movie and it was quite boring!. not because of the vampire factor (which was pretty off)
im interested in the vampire area of stuff

the reason i hate it is because it is played the crap out of!.
all i hear is 'twilight this, twilight that' and when you dont like something then hear about it all the time it gets on your nerves even more!.
Plus people are seriously obsessed over it!.
some people want to be like others and like it just cause it is famous

its more of a typical girl teenage fantasy movie and the people running those sites are probably guys like the ones who run 'Encyclopedia Dramatica' (BEST SITE EVER)

what im saying is not everyone likes the same things
and your just going to think im 'proving you right' because i said i hated it!.

but i dont care about what you think about me

you need to understand different people like different thingsWww@QuestionHome@Com

Honestly, sometimes I "hate" the series out of pure insecurity!. I ******* love it!. And guess what!? I'm a guy!.

Most twilight haters are closet lovers!. Same sort of discrimination repeats itself throughout the ages!. Closet gays are responsible for the majority of gay bashing, and so on and so forth!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

it have been overrated by little teen girl fantasy about edward cullen,
let me tell you something, he is real!!
whats even more stupid is that they named themselves "twilighters"
but i agree, i dont like it, but im not obessed what hating it, i dont go out of my way to hate it more!.
im just really sick of hearing about it every secondWww@QuestionHome@Com

i know right!?!
well i think its cos they want attention and shock to the fact that they hate twilight so much!. to show people that they don't follow it!. but ne way its mostly the people who havent read it who are hating it so much!. go shuv ur mouth up ur arss i say cos ther just spoiling our love for itWww@QuestionHome@Com

I actually hate Twilight but only said so after I saw it!. I read the first and second book to see if maybe that would change!. but it didnt!. i agree that people in this world tend to have childish reasoning about things like this!. hope you get some interesting responses!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I can only think of one thing!.!.!.Jealousy, because its so popular its everywhere, all girls are going crazy over Robert Pattinson, well I think when a person tends to hate something that much they wish they either had it or is interested in itWww@QuestionHome@Com

Right, what I'd like to know is what's w/the whole" Twilight vs!.Harry Potter" which is better questions!. They are two different stories!. Why compare them!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Personally I love the series!. Actually my whole family loves it!. I didn't like the movie as much but loved the books!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Exactly! They think that THEY get to decide what is or ISN'T literature, and say that everyone who reads Twilight must have poor taste!.

Such ignorance!

Totally agree with you though!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I agree with ficola83!. JEALOUSY is the reason!.

Lot of people love twilight so much!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I haven't even looked at any anti-twilight sites!. I don't see the point in just discussing your hate with other haters!. I mean it might be fun for 10 minutes but what are you achieving by it!.

In saying that I hate on yahoo answers!. When people ask me what do you think of Twilight, I answer, what i guess may be deemed "hate" worthy!.

Ok right so at the moment there are more haters then lovers!. You came here a month ago and you would be inundated with questions of "EDWARD OR JACOB!?!!" and "Do u reali think i culd marry edward cullen!?" Do you have any idea how irritating that is!. The only reason us haters exist is to combat the crazies!. For every hater there is 3 crazies, the crazies are however less articulate and generally give one sentence answers and are therefore brushed off!.

If you look at the series from a literary standpoint you realise just how poorly written it is!. I cannot believe that such an appallingly written book is so popular!. I initially liked the series and it was from looking at the critical analysis of others HERE that i realized just how bad it was!. I'm hoping to enlighten others :)

also I think they're a terrible example for younger kids, particularly girls!. Bella is supposed to be a role model!. She's shallow, one dimensional and her life revolves entirely around her boyfriend!. When he leaves she falls apart and only pulls herself together when she finds another guy to take his place!. She has no goals and her aim in life is to be with Edward forever!. Not exactly the best role model huh!? The books are marketed for kids as young as eight (ridiculous I know), and I know there's not many eight year olds out there reading ti but there's heaps of 12 year olds!. These kids are impressionable!. YOU may not go imitating Bella but these kids sure may want to!.

And Edward!. This guy is supposed to be the 'perfect guy'!. I grew up learning to love a person for who they are, not what they look like!. Edward and Bella's relationship is based solely on looks!. All they do is describe how beautiful the other is!. This is how girls are growing up to see how relationships are supposed to be!. No!. I think that's terrible!. Plus the morals they may grow up with!. Some of these kids might not get how creepy Edward really does seem!.!.!. he follows her, won't let her drive, won't let her see her friends, watches her sleep!. These are the morals this book is teaching the youth of today!. That's not cool!. That's not cool at all!.

Not all haters are psycho's who are like "I hope you fall off a cliff because you like twilight"!. If you understand that it's not the best written series and recognise some of the flaws, I'm fine!. If you go thinking it's the literary antichrist I have a problem!.

And John T: I am by no means a Twilight lover in the closet!. I'd like to see why you're claiming that most Twilight haters are secretly lovers!. I think that's a very naive attitude to have because you cannot possibly find a way to back it up!.

and ficola83: wtf!.!.!. just wtf!. Jealously!? Pity more like!.

and just booooooored: Dude, my guilty pleasure is Savage Garden!. I admit that!. I don't try and make myself look mature!. I'm 18!. I'm fairly sure I act round abouts my age!. I'm not going to try and make myself look intellectual by bagging out Twilight!.!.!. huh!?
And the legitimacy of your case lost a few points in my eyes by the fact you cannot speak proper english!. netspeak is not for yahoo answers my friend!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

ur absolutely right
people try to show that they hate it because they think it makes them look more mature but in fact it doesnt
they wanna prove that they r not that kinda person to get addicted to some "teenage girl" stuff
well im 24 and i love the movie and i surely dont think there s something wrong with me
these kinda people behave the same way when it comes talking about boybands too!. u know bsb or such!.
so if they hate it, they'd look more mature if they could stay silent about this
i know some people overrate the series but some also underrate it more than neccessaryWww@QuestionHome@Com

Honestly, I'm not registered on any anti-Twilight sites!. Although, I have visited!.

I think that it's a way for the Anti-Twilighters to let off some steam with like minded individuals!.

We are forced to listen to the Twilight madness every day!. Eventually it builds up and becomes too much!. It's extremely frustrating and annoying!.

I wish that at some point, the Twilighters would realize that not everybody loves Twilight, and it's not a sin to disagree that it's "Lyk, zomg, the best book eva!."

I do a lot of my ranting here!. It keeps me from screaming at the morons I go to school with who are applying body glitter to appear less human, and more vampire!.

We're tired, and frustrated, and need to vent!.Www@QuestionHome@Com