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Question: Is my character a Mary-Sue!?
She has dark brown eyes, and brown hair!. She wears glasses, and has braces on her teeth!. She has a really hot temper, which gets her into trouble with teachers and her friends a lot!.She's very disorganized, and loses things very easily, and is forgetful!. She's not especially pretty either!. She is terrible at math, because she can get the answer in her head, but can't do the in between work!. She is good at sewing, and loves history and historical fashion, especially from the Tudor period!. Oftentimes, she does not get along with other people, as she is rather eccentric, and enjoys doing things like hoarding National Geographic Magazines, and putting maps up on her wall!. She also has a slight computer addiction!. She also plays the piano pretty well, and enjoys many different types of music!.

So, be honest please, I want to improve my writing, so any suggestions for how to make her better would be appreciated!. She just lives a normal life, though, so no crazy random superheroes or anything!. Plot twists maybe or personality changes!. There is really no plot to the story just a bunch of ministories where things happen!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
She seems fine!. A mary-sue would be a character who gets everything and never really works or suffers!. For example: Mary-Sue is popular, kind, pretty, rich, has friends, a boyfriend, no enemies, etc!. Your character seems perfectly good!. Hope it helped!Www@QuestionHome@Com

she doesnt really sound like a mary sue--shes not perfect!. (if that statement made you upset, she is likely a mary sue) she could also be a mary sue if she's like you!. you should take the mary sue test at http://www!.katfeete!.net/writing/marysue!.!.!.!. its really cool and will tell you exactly the type of person your character is!. good luck with your story! :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

She sounds like a really interesting character to me! The best characters come from you though, so try to pay more attention to what YOU think of her!.

=) Tis very niccee!Www@QuestionHome@Com