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Question: Twilight Question!. So not what you think, I swear!.!?
Can someone give me examples of why Twilight is not good!? Or even links to sites with examples!. Please and thnx!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You know, TS should start paying me!. I pimp them out in almost every post!.


This is a direct link to a fantastic list of reasons for its badness - everything from Edward's abuse to the pedophilia to the sexism!.
If you go further into the site, you can find threads upon threads of plot-holes, grammar errors, character discussions!. Everything!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i was one of those fans when i first read it, but as time went on, i realized how poorly written the books are!.
For one thing, her characters are unbelievable; they're too perfect!. They're beautiful, confident, sweet, caring, smart, funny, good samaritans!. this is extremely unrealistic!.
also, Bella is supposed to be this plain, unspecial girl (which is how she is depicted; there really isn't anything overly interesting about her personality), and as soon as she gets to forks, people, including guys, fall all over her!.
also, the book is alot of talk, no action!. the number one rule of good writing is to show, not tell!. The author doesn't understand this method!. she states many times how dangerous Edward is, but not once does she show it in action until the end of the third book!
Her books are also contradictory to themselves!. They say something, then turn around and say the opposite!.
The books aren't that imaginative, as this has been done many times before!. The romeo juliet, forbidden love, vampire/human thing!.
Bella completely defines the world's sexism; she cannot do anything by herself! She can't walk two steps without needing her boyfriend to catch her, and when Edward leaves she latches onto the nearest guy!.
These are the things that are wrong with Twilight!. Look, I don't HATE Twilight, i just think its very badly written!.
Hope this helpedWww@QuestionHome@Com

Read it 3 timesWww@QuestionHome@Com

1!. "Edward is abusive"
Edward is codependent, controlling, and very creepy!. Who the hell takes the engine out of your car to prevent you from going to see your friends!? More importantly, who WATCHES YOU SLEEP all night!?! Edward also has an unequal advantage in the relationship, he is the one who controls every little kiss and touch!. Healthy relationships have EQUALITY, not male (or even female!) domination!. Edward also manipulates Bella into marrying him by using sex!. Worst of all, he makes sure Bella is isolated from her family and friends!.
2!. "Fantasy does not excuse a lack of realism"
3!. "The books are sexist"
- Bella plays the weak 'damsel in distress' role;
- Bella is weak-willed morally (wants to have sex but Edward, the good, upstanding, moral man wants to wait until marriage);
- Bella has no ambitions outside of Edward (doesn't want to go to college);
- Bella cooks and cleans for her father
- Bella forgives Edward instantly for the New Moon fiasco ("forgive your man no matter what")
- The "shallow" friends (Jessica, Angela, etc!.) are not given as much screen time as Mike, let's say, and Bella writes them off as basically Barbie dolls!.
- Bella's mom is flighty and inconsistent whereas her father is solid, dependable, caring!.
- Rosalie had shallow ambitions as a human, was a damsel in distress, and has a victimized backstory as opposed to say, Jasper, who was kickass!.
- Esme does nothing!.
4!. "The books (Twilight specifically) have no plot/character development"
The whole damned thing is basically Bella just blabbing on about how Edward makes her 'giney tingle (South Park reference lol)!.

5!. "Bella and Edward are in lust, not love"
Love takes years, not weeks, to develop!. Bella is simply infatuated with Edward for his looks and big vocabulary, and he simply wants to eat her!. To quote Pizzope from the TwilightSucks!.com forums:
"But what is the basis for their love!? I'm honestly asking this, why are they in love!? Aside from the fact that Bella and Ed say they are (along with Ed's HAWTNESS and Bella's smell) the two have no basis for any sort of relationship!. They know each other for less than a month and are suddenly soul mates!. This is bullshit!. They jump from "I just know you" to "OMFG TOGETHER FOR EVERZ!", and it completely removes any sort of believability in the couple's relationship!."

6!. "Bella is an idiot (aka Meyer tells and doesn't show)"
Supposedly Bella is booksmart, but she is willing to risk everything for this creamy-white pedophile that she is in "love" with!. Her life almost ends several times, due to her lack of common sense!.
7!. "Imprinting IS sexual no matter what (aka imprinting is sexist and pedophilia)"
Full grown man + Imprinting on young child/infant = PEDO!. Imprinting is for reproductive purposes, *********!.
8!. "Twilight sends bad messages!.!.!. and it DOES matter"
Twilight basically says that abuse is okay and surface beauty is more important than inner beauty!. It also sets back all the respect the female gender has worked hard for back about a century!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


The proper way to ask your question is: Can anyone give me THEIR thoughts and OPINIONS on why THEY believe that the twilight series is not any good!.

Everything that people have stated in response to your question is all based on their opinions of the books!. i happen to believe that the books are well written because that is my preference!. perhaps the books were not what some people expected or enjoyed!. thats okay just move on to something that better suits your reading needs; not need to bash the books!. the truth is, there are more people who disagree with your opinion and the evidence lies in stephenie meyers bank account!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i have nothing to say

you can only find bad stuff about it yourself same with finding the good

but twilight haters should just go suck a tiny one

I KNOW they have SOMEKIND of fanness!. whether it be a guy at
school a girl has a major crush on, or a pornstar some guy jerks off to
all the time!. No body is hating on them for liking what they like,

so why the twilight haters!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Check out the negative reviews on Amazon!. Pretty much sums it upWww@QuestionHome@Com


The 'vampires' SPARKLE!.

Need I say more!?Www@QuestionHome@Com