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Question: Do you think im a good writer!?
I got up today, one morning!. The sky was gray and depressing, like my soul!. Nobody likes me!. Like, yesterday at school, a strange boy who I don’t know, just kissed me!. Why doesn’t anybody NOTICE ME!!? I love Edwardo!.
So anyways, I got up this morning, and crawled out of bed!. I put on my slippers!. I like my slippers, but they’re old!. Charlie (AKA; DAD) should buy me new slippers!.
But anyways, I got out of bed and put on my slippers!. I trudged into my bathroom to get ready!. I looked at the sink!. Then I looked in the mirror!. I look as boring as this story!.
I have long, dark brown hair that went down over my shoulders!. I have big eyes, that look almost soulless, yet sexy!. My skin is as pale as the moonlight!. I’m like, so boring!.
But anyways, I woke up this morning and got ready for school!. I didn’t eat breakfast, because that’s what fat girls do!. Although I’m fat (I weigh 60 pounds, EW), I need to lose some weight!.
I love Edwardo!. He’s so sexy!.
So anyways, I got up this morning, skipped breakfast and got in my old, battered up truck!. It’s stinky and smells like peppermints that were stuck on the bottom of a smoking clown’s ***!. But I really like that smell!. It smells like Jacob’s Uncle, and I like him because I like people in wheelchairs!. I don’t discriminate!.
But anyways I’m driving in my truck, and I’m glad that everybody else has shitty cars, because I don’t want to stand out!. I want to blend in!. But yeah, I stopped my truck after parking it!. Then I unbuckled!. Then I opened the door!. Then I got out of my truck!. Then I stood in the middle of the road next to my truck!. A car almost hit me!. But that’s not important to the story!.
So anyways, I walked into the school and went to the front office!. The lady at the desk was like, “Are you Isabella Swan!?”
And I was all like, “It’s Bella!.”
And she was all, “Oh!. Okay then!.”
And I stood there!.
And then she was all like, “Here’s a map I drew for you!.”
I took it and thanked her, and then I went to science class!. It was easy to find because of the map!. The lady at the desk was so sweet!. But here I can’t be sweet!. Because then I’ll stand out!. I want to blend in!. Has Edwardo noticed me yet!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Take it with a grain of salt, people!.

I laughed, too!. You forgot the part about how she like, has like, a daughter who's like, a half vampire, and like, how the heck that even happened is completely irrelevant to the story ('cause duh!. Of course dead vampires can make LIVE babies), and how like, she names her Esmerenee!. What a cute like, name, don't you like, think!?

!.!.!.But you're getting to that, I suppose!. :]Www@QuestionHome@Com

This is so stupid!. Why are you wasting your time writing this and trying to insult people!? And it doesn't make any sense!. If you write something like this, at least make it true, and make it have a point!. Then I might laugh!. But this just made me shake my head in shame!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wow- some people should get a sense of humor!. I love the Twilight books but I Lmao to this!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hahaha!.!.!.!.like, thanks for the laugh!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

What a piece of crap!. I want my 2 minutes back!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

umm!. oKay!. OMG so like well um, okay, like i Wuz likE OMG reading dis, like ok, lik idk, okay!? so like u roc, okay!? umm well like u r da ,bess righter EVER like i, luv TWILIGHT OMG n u r ,AWESOME 2 rite lik that OMG idk like it is SO cool like i LUV IT!. right more n send it 2 me!. i m a righter TOO n i can edit it 4 u like idk okay!? umm, well dat is all okay, like okay buy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


You are obviously just writing this to insult Stephenie Meyer and are being immature just because you don't like her books for whatever reason does not mean you have to act immature about it
she worked hard to write those books and im sure they are better than anything you could right

grow up !Www@QuestionHome@Com


Okay, silly teenie bopper crap over!. Well done on the satire! In all honesty it could use some work with grammar and sentence structure but hey, if Meyer can get away with crappy writing, I'll let this slide!.!.!.for now!. Haha!.Www@QuestionHome@Com