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Question: What does Peeves the poltergeist look like!?
I know that he is blue, but can anyone give me a little more information on him!? If you wanted to know: a poltergeist is a reckless spirit!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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"When visible, Peeves appeared as a small old man dressed in wildly-coloured clothing!. He was capable of flight and intangibility, like a ghost, but could also affect solid objects and make himself invisible!. "

"A poltergeist is a type of apparition which is similar to a ghost!. The main difference is that a poltergeist typically move objects and people with physical force!.

Poltergeists cause vandalism, malicious mischief and chiefly frustrate and aggravate living persons!. They can throw bricks through windows, knock over stacks of papers, carry away people's hats, ring telephones, and even blow out candles and other such acts, simply for amusement!.

If there were to be a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, one such explanation could be the forces created by static electricity, electromagnetic fields, ionized air, uncontrolled electricity, unusual air currents, air vibrations such as acoustic levitation, or tremors caused by underground streams!. Some scientists believe some poltergeist sightings to be simply meteorological instances of ball lightening!.

It is also strangely unknown how Poltergeists come about!. They do not breed like most creatures and it does not seem normal for them to reproduce asexually!. It is therefore likely that they are ancient and have existed since magic itself!. That way, Peeves would have haunted the school since its creation - Dumbledore would never accept to evicting such a valuable piece of Hogwarts history!.

Poltergeists typically haunt one specific location or one specific person which is known as a "focus!." It is unknown why this is so!. They typically do not take physical form, or if they do, it is usually in the form of a fantasy creature, such as a dog with a rabbit's head[1]!.

Peeves is Hogwarts' resident poltergeist!. "

"Peeves is a poltergeist who haunts Hogwarts!. Being a poltergeist, Peeves is a spirit rather than a physical being, but very different from the ghosts for which he is occasionally mistaken!. Peeves is capable of flight, intangibility and teleportation!. Like ghosts, he is also capable of invisibility; however, he is usually observed to take physical form!. Peeves is also seen to have the ability to manipulate objects, a trait not generally possible with ghosts!. Peeves's existence is essentially the embodiment of disorder,[27] where he is observed to constantly cause it!. In appearance, he is a small man with a mischievous face, dressed in wildly coloured clothing!. He derives joy from mischievous acts, usually causing disruptions rather than actually being violent and dangerous!."

"Peeves the Poltergeist is not a ghost, but a Spirit of Chaos, who has never been alive, according to the author!. He can carry, throw, and drop things, untighten things, and chew gum!. When he is visible, he looks like a little man with wicked, dark eyes, a wide mouth, and a pointed hat!."Www@QuestionHome@Com


blue!? i don't think he is blue!.!.!.I've read that whole series over 7 times and I don't recall that anywhere!.!.!.but for me I always pictured him as what a leprechaun is supposed to look like: short, squat with red hair and a red beard!.!.!.but he always floats and is solid, not transparent like the ghosts!.!.!.and I'm not sure why I have the leprechaun image, but I think it's from one of the illustrations before a chapter in the first book!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

They've never shown him/ her till now!. I was hoping in the 5th movie they'd show him bug Umbridge!. But noooo!. But actually them Polt guys they are invisible and inhabit and posses things!. It's the things that move, they are not visible!. Kind of an airy fairy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Imagine a super sexy babe in a thin bikini, stretched out on some beach in a tropical paradise!.

Now imagine her poop, put that in a suit, and you've got peeves!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i always imagined Peeves is translucent and looked kinda like Casper!.Www@QuestionHome@Com