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Question: Could this be a potential storyline!?
If I finish it, of course, could it have potential!?

Moss green eyes gleamed with happiness!. Pink lips separated into a grin!. Brunette hair shook as she turned to face her lover!.

-" Mikeyy!.!. how much do you love me!?" She giggled softly, and looked up at him!. His chocolate brown orbs now were staring at her!.

-" A lot, Cass!.!." He smirked over to her and chuckled!. She smiled at thought how lucky she was to have such a guy like him!. Faithful,

honest, and not to mention pretty good looking!. She rested her head against he broad shoulders!. Their fingers entwined together!. They were the

envied couple of the school!. When someone had thought of a perfect relationship, Cassy and Mike were the representative!. It was an odd tale,

of how those two complete opposites came together to join a relationship!. Yet, if you knew the truth, it wasn't odd at all!.

Oh, should I change it around!?
Anyway, how old do you think the person who wrote that is!.

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1!. The writer is a teen girl!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Your local library will have info on local writers groups they can be of a great support to you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com