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Question: Do you have any advice about self publishing a children's book!?
My wife has written a children's book, and has been unable to find a publisher!. She is looking into self publishing!. Does anyone know of any pro's, or con's!. Here is a link to her profile site if you would like to read any of her short stories!.


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I highly recommend self-publishing!.

There are different schools of thoughts about it!. In my opinion, self-publishing is now the 21st century writer's strategy to get his or her book published immediately and according to his or her liking!.

In self-publishing publishing, the bottom line lies on the quality of the story and how the book is promoted – just like those books that are traditionally published!. Promotion always plays a big role in a book’s success!.

You may take a look at some self-published books that made it to NY #1 bestseller list:
''Life 101'' (Prelude Press), a self-published book by John Roger and Peter McWilliams
''What Color Is Your Parachute!?'' by Richard N!. Bolles, a guide for job seekers
''Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun'' by Wess Roberts
''The Book of Questions'' by Gregory Stock
''The One Minute Manager'' by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, was self-published before the authors sold it to William Morrow & Company

Eragon was also self-published!. Add John Grisham and Stephen King to the list!. They, too, started as a self-published book authors!.

I stumbled upon an article that says what you need to do when you want to get published:

Decide what to write about
Discover your readers
Dedicate time for writing
Design effectively
Designate a professional editor
Deal with a professional publisher
Distribute the book effectively

The writer calls them the 7 Ds of publishing and here's the link to the full article:

Click on the link below to get a FREE book publishing guide!. This will walk you through the whole process!.

I hope you find this information helpful as you go through your publishing journey!.


Self publishing can be a decent alternative to the gruelling process of becoming published through a typical author house!. But there are some pitfalls!.

First, anyone who wants you to pay them, to publish YOUR book, is scamming you!. Authors get paid to write, that's what it's all about!.

It can be advantageous to look into online publishing!. No offence intended to your wife, but online publishers can be less discerning than tradiitonal publishers!. So there might be more of a chance to get published,

also be realistic, the most common form of amateur author is in the children's genre!. There simply are so many writers churning out so many books, that the chances of being taken seriously by a traditional publisher are pretty slim!.

If your tenatious and persistent, you might get a shot, but tell her to keep writing, it's something to be proud of!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I would not recommend self-publishing!.

She might be having trouble because she hasn't gotten an agent!. She needs an agent since most publishers won't look at unsolicited manuscripts (manuscripts from people who are not represented by an agent)!.

There are many websites and books out there with information about how to go about getting an agent!. Try: http://www!.writersdigest!.com, http://www!.writersmarket!.com/ or just look up 'agent' in google!. Most of these will have a list of agents, listing what the represent, what they don't represent, how to get in contact with them along with a bunch of other You can also go to the agency's website to get this information along with how to contact the agent you want to send your query to (some like email others like snail mail)!.

Most agents will want a one page query letter, in this letter you should have a brief greeting (it's always good to prove that you've done your research by mentioning what the agent has represented before), an list of where and what you have published before (short stories in a literary magazine, etc), a very brief (like a paragraph) summary of your book and a reason why your book will sell and why the agent should consider representing it!. Though, I will check each agent that you want to send your query to, since some are different than others!.

I know I didn't answer your question, but really!.!.!. self publishing is really never the way to go!. Tell her to send out query letters to several different agents, someone is going to take interest eventually! She just has to be patient!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think that you should be yourself and try to be creative in any way you can be! I am not a author but talk to your wife maybe she can give you some tips!Www@QuestionHome@Com