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Question: Main Characters in Books and Who Are the Authors!?
I have my characters and authors mixed up and hope someone can help me!. There two main characters (might even be three different ones) written by different authors!. One is a psychologist turned detective and the other one I believe is a detective who is Black and Gay or has a friend on the force who is!. The author always manages to point this out in the books though (Black and Gay)!. One is married and has come out of retirement a few times to help out on cases, and it seems one (may be the same one) had a live-in girlfriend who designed instruments or played in a band or something!.

Can someone please help me sort out these characters and tell me who the different authors are!. Thank you so much!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
OK, some of that is Jonathan Kellerman!. His protagonist, Alex Delaware, is a child psychologist who gets involved in solving crimes, often as a consultant!. In some of the books, he is romantically involved with a woman who makes custom made guitars!. He has a friend, Milo Sturgis, who is a homosexual cop (not black, though!.)

Inspector John Madden appears in (so far) two books by Rennie Airth!. Madden is a retired Scotland Yard detective who gets involved again in some cases, much to his wife's dismay!. (Neither black nor gay!.)

I'm afraid I can't come up with a black, gay cop!.Www@QuestionHome@Com