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Question: Setting and point of view for the book of mice and men!?
i have to write a paper about the setting and point of view for the book of mice and men, and i've read the book but i have no idea how to type a whole page about these two things, so if anyone has any information on either one of these topics please let me know, thanks!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck


A small working ranch in the Salinas Valley of northern California, sometime during the 1930s!.

The action occurs over a period of three days and in four specific locations: a wooded area next to the Salinas River, a bunkhouse on the ranch, the stable hand's room on the ranch, and the main barn on the ranch!. The tight structure of setting, revolving around single locations and continuous timing, make the novella seem almost as if it were set as a play!.

On a broader scale, it's important that the action takes place during the Great Depression!. Accordingly, the people that populate this novella are mostly all poor and desperate for work!. Because of the poverty and general tough times caused by the Depression, the characters have good reason to be suspicious and distrusting of each other, feeling that there isn't enough food, money, and work to go around!.

If you wanted to think creatively, this air of distrust and isolation is central to the American Depression and seems to be a set piece in this work!. The friendship between Lennie and George seems all the more remarkable set against this backdrop, and the end of the friendship means that distrust and isolation will be certain to crush whatever happiness either of them might have had!.