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Question: Is the Volturi the Cullen's friends or are they after them in Twilight!?
I want to know is the Volturi with Aro in it chasing after the Cullens or are they their friends because I'm confused!?If you are confused their in the Twilight Series to be more specific!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Carlisle and Aro know each other from a long time ago but other than the Volturi the Cullens is the largest constant group which threatens the VOlturi (not actually but they feel threatened) and Aro isn't really the sort of person (vampire!.!.!.) to care particually about friends!. But basically its that the Volturi (mainly Aro) don't like that there is another large vampire clan which also has vampires with special powers (expecially as Aro would like ALice and Edward to join the volturi)

Hope that unconfused you :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

in the first book; twilight, the volturi arent really in it, but they are friends will the cullens in a way, they just want edward and alice to be in their goverment because of their powers, so they would kind of resent them in away but not be after them!. int he second one edward trespasses on the volturis own "country" italy, and so the cullens are kind of going to the volturi, and ots decided that they can go home anyway
and in the third the volturi are after the new borns, not teh cullens but it says; they wouldnt of been bothered if a few of the cullens had been killed by teh new borns
then in the fourth one, its teh one where the volturi are chasing teh cullens, however teh cullens arent on the run, they just stay and wait for the volturi to come, and hope that they will be able to make them stop before they kill them and listen to tehir side of the story
int he end though the volturi and the cullens are friends, but the voturi would probally love to kill some of the cullens

srry if thats confusing it was the best way i could explain itWww@QuestionHome@Com

ok i know u prob have the answer you want but i would like to explain the volturi are a bunch of ancient vampires who live in italy that are baically the upholders and law enforcers of their kind if a problem involving vampires arises they kill them to stop their secret being exposed that it what they live by KEEP THE SECRET if you threaten that such as revealing urself to humans, making humans aware of what u are like going on a killing spree then they come and sort u out that is their job u can see why they would be interested in the cullens read the books and u find out why but bascially the realtionship between edward and bellla interest aro greatly as its quite rare and if u know about vampires u have to be silenced as no one can find out so u see the cullens have problems and anything that threatens the secret means u r toast hope i helped x They r friends tho but not by the end really read the books !!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Its all about politics!.Www@QuestionHome@Com