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Question: Any good!? my story idea of what should happen in twilight!?
Its just a bit of fun, but i have no idea whether its good or not, i couldnt wait for stephanie meyer to write another book, so i thought i'd give it ago lmao!. i quickly edited the first paragraph because i realised i hadnt described edward and bella, so sorry if that bits a bit crap :(
anyway, i hope anyone who loves twilight likes it , im not trying to steal the twilight storyline, it just some fun :)
sorry its a bit long aswell :)

Resemme; 16th Birthday

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The eight blurry figures shouted, dragging me back to the day I’d longed so much for!. I groaned, I did not want him to see me like this!. Not today!. It took me a while to adjust to the familiar faces that surrounded my bed, a bright smile was plastered on each one, accept for two!. Bella, my Mother was giving me the impression that if she could cry she would, which was so stupidly like her!. Her long brown hair clipped up and just curving the outline of her pale face, her brown eyes gleamed!. The last unsmiling face was Edwards, a slight line appearing in his colourless features, his hand reaching for his messy reddish brown hair, as he frowned in frustration of my first thought; Jacob, he’d read it in my mind as clearly as I’d thought it, and a blush flashed across my face, the memory buried there!.
“Open mine first Nessie!” Alice chuckled throwing a small rectangular box at my stomach, I grinned at my aunty, she always got excited over birthdays, the more extravagant the better!. My fingers slide the bow off, my eyes fixed on to it, avoiding the pair I didn’t want to meet at all, and the pair I didn’t want to meet again!. The present was covered lightly with tissue paper, it rustled slightly, and revealed a silver chain, with a small heart hanging on to it delicately, a locket!.
“Oh its beautiful, thanks Alice,” I mumbled, blushing again, she always spent so much on gifts, I could take a good guess this was worth more than all my other jewellery put together!. I opened it, one side was covered with white diamonds, reflecting the sunlight gently, the other was blank, a place to put a photograph!.
“Its off jasper too!.” Alice chimed, and Jasper grinned at me, putting his arm around her!. They looked perfect together, both petite, only Alice had dark short hair, and more pixie like features, Jasper was blonde, with big hair, and long cheekbones!. Both of them pale and beautiful!.
“Thanks you guys,” I repeated, placing it back in the oblong box!.
“Here you go Nessie, happy birthday!” Emmett, my other uncle said, and Rosalie passed me a weirdly shaped present, they grinned at each other as my face lit up, I could tell what it was without opening it!. My guitar, that wasn’t technically mine until today, but I’d stared at it long enough in Barkers window to claim it as my own months ago!. It was even more exquisite unwrapped and in front of my eyes instead of behind a wall of glass!.
“Oh my God, this is amazing, thank you!” I squealed, at them, Rosalie’s face was even more beautiful when she smiled, her long blonde hair passing over her shoulders, and her breath taking features still made me stare even now!. Emmett took the guitar out of my hands, its new home, his massive muscles not even tweaked by my resistance, his black hair didn’t move an inch out of place, his bright eyes gleaming at my disgruntled expression!. “You have to open the rest of your presents, or they might think you like ours was the best!.” he joked, Alice stuck her tongue out at him;
“You wouldn’t of known what to get her if I hadn’t-” she began!.
“I’m sure Edward will tell us later, that ours was clearly the best,” he continued, laughing, Alice scowled!. Of course she had told them what I was going to buy with my birthday money, her ability to see the future meant birthdays were a piece of cake, unless of course it was hers and the surprise was ruined!. I missed my guitar already, but I rearranged my face in mock surprise for the parcel, my grandfather, Carlisle passed me!. Him and his wife Esme stood together, far too young to be grandparents, but that was the gift of never being able to age, his hair was blonde like jaspers but shorter, with pale characteristics that all my family had, even me!. Esme had dark chocolate brown hair, in lose curls around her short face, she was shorter than Carlisle by a few inches, her head resting on his shoulder!.
“Happy birthday sweetheart” Esme wished, smiling!. I looked down at the parcel, it was square and heavy!. A camera was pictured on the front, they had bought me a video camera, a few years better than my old battered one that was sat on the table beside my bed!. Words escaped me as I attempted to thank them, I hated opening presents this expensive it was intimidating!. Edward chuckled, and everyone looked up at him, I hoped my face wouldn’t give away that it was me that he was laughing at!. He mumbled something about what Jacob was thinking, and as this wasn’t a day to start an argument, Jacob agreed quickly, eveWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Right now all I can say is WOW!!! You are an amazing writer!. I didn't think that this was going to be good, but I couldn't keep myself from reading this!. I really like how you write, but I would like to read something that is entirely your own!. Please write your own story, and post some of it!. I want to read more of your works!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It was good!
You should write more for me to read :]
I love thinking about the things that could happen to Americas favorite vampire family!.

should'nt Bella be having amber coloured eyes!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

haha it was entertaining :]
good job !.Www@QuestionHome@Com

awesome! =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I honestly loved it!Www@QuestionHome@Com

That was good! If I hadn't have known I honestly would have thought it was a fifth book of the Twilight series! PLEASE write more I want to know what happens next at Reesemse's birthday!Www@QuestionHome@Com