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Question: Poetry related to A Clockwork Orange!?
Does anyone know where I can find some good poems related to this masterpiece!?

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I cant think of any, by the by, you might want to look at these and see if any poems related are mentioned!.

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

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A Clockwork Orange critique


We drank our milk-plus at the Korova Milk-Bar
And after a bit of ultra violence, we took a motorcar
The Durango 95 purred with delight
As we played 'Hogs of the road', into the night
At last we found a place called Home!.!.!.
But that was, by no means, the end of this poem
A devotchka fit for abit of the old 'in out, in out'
Who lived with the chelloveck, we started to clout
And after much fun and the singing in rain
We headed back for a nightcap at the Korova again!.!.!.!.

I might fill in the rest later, missus!.
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You can find dozens of mediocre songs referencing it though!. Just go on any lyric site and search droog or any of the other slang terms!.Www@QuestionHome@Com