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Question: I have some questions about harry potter books!?
1!.Who do u think more powerful!.Dambaldore,Voldemort,or Harry!.Well i think it is Voldemort!.harry cant be powerful!.he got out from some tight spots but he always had help with him and his mothers protection!.

2!.what is that prophecy tells please some body translate it to more simple english for me,because i am a indian and don't know english good!.

and did all happen as the prophecy told untill Vl die!.What is the meaning of that "Dark lord will mark him as him equal"!.

3!.and in final battle why did the two spell collided each other!.is it because harry was the owner of the elders wand!.or was it a coincident!.

and Dambaldore say in the forest that because VL took his blood he tetherd harry to life!.that mean VL tetherd harry to life only in that occation only in the forest!. or always!.if so in the final battle if Vl hit his killing curse to harry harry can not die!.(is it!?)

lets hope harry cast a killing curse to Vl, and it hit Vl!.So because of that Blood Bond between them Harry cant kill Vl from his killing Curse (because if Vl tetherd harry to life so is harry tetherd Vl to life)am i right !.

this is how i understand will some body explain this to me as clearly as possible from simple englishWww@QuestionHome@Com

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1: I think both Dumbledore and Voldermort are powerful!. Harry has a mixture of luck, courage, and yes, his mother's protection

2: simply put, the prophecy is where Voldermort finds out that the boy who will be able to kill him is born in july to two of his greatest enemies (people who have crossed him three times)

yes!. it did!. it happened as the prophecy said!. But what you got to see is that Voldermort made the prophecy come true on his own because he heard only HALF of the prophecy!. Voldermort only heard that the boy who can kill him was going to be born, so he decided to kill him!. But in deciding to kill the boy (who is harry), he fulfilled the rest of the prophecy!.

simpler terms: if he hadn't tried to kill Harry, none of this would have happened!. The prophecy wouldn't have come true!.

"Dark Lord will mark him as his equal" means: Voldermort will give him something to show that Harry is his nemesis (if u don't know the meaning of that it means: biggest enemy ever)

3: Yes!. Because Harry is the owner of the elder wand!.

Erm, i don't really get what you mean for this question!.!.!. but!.!. I think what you're trying to ask is: if Voldermort had shot his killing curse at Harry at the final battle will harry die!?

here's the answer: Yes!. Harry would die!. Because in the forest, when Voldermort "killed" harry (hence sending him to that king's cross station) he severed (cut) the tie between the both of them!. Harry was the final Horcrux!. So in finally severing the tie between the both of them!. It made Harry vulnerable (can be killed) to all of Voldermort's spells!. So the last battle was up to his cunning to avoid those spells!. Lucky for him, he was the owner of the elder wand!.

I hope i answered your question!. I don't really get what you're asking!.!.!. but i tried! hahaha hope you're a little clearer now!.

And urm, before you ask, the reason why i "know" so much about the book is because i treated it as a literature text!. HAHA!. I love the book man!. so fun to analyze it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1) Dumbledore: he fought (and won) against Grindelwald, and never lost to a baby!.
2) It just say that at the end of July someone will born, and he'll be the one that's going to be signed by Voldemort as his equal, and in the end of them two will die!.
3) Yep, the wands are connected since they both have a feather from the same phoenix (dumbledor's one) and this interferes in their spelling when made to each other!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1!. I think Harry is more powerful because he killed voldemort (hello!) and dumblordor never did
2!. When it says the dark lord will mark him as an equal it means he chose harry because they are both half-bloods
3!. I think it was a coindence that the spells colided and harry didnt do a killing curse VL did but harry did expellious and the killing curse rebounded back!
so no your not rightWww@QuestionHome@Com

only know the answer to number three!. The wand backfired because harry is the rightful owner of the elder wand and the wand cannot be used against the rightful ownerWww@QuestionHome@Com

i think voldemort is the most powerful, because like dumbledore said he wont have a prob doing anything evil to get his way!. harry is by far the weakest!.

the prophecy basically says that someone will be born and voldy is going to make him his adversary!.

to understand the final battle you have to remember that at the end of the 6th book at the top of the astronomy tower draco kinda beat dumbledore in a duel so dumbledores wand (the elder wand) was now his!. and in the 7th book harry harry beat draco in a duel and took his wand, so in the final battle it was basically draco against draco!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1!. Who do i think is more powerful, well Personally i think Voldermort is the more powerful, because even though Dambaldore could fight Tom Riddle and fight him away, Voldermort managed to split his soul into 7 pieces and in the books used far more complex spells than any other character!.

2!. the Prophecy tells us that there could have been two boys who could destroy the Dark Lord, Tom riddle just choose to act upon the one he felt could be the most danger!.

"Dark lord will mark him as him equal" This is talking about the scar on Harry's forehead, left after VL tried to kill him!.

3!. The spells just clash together because they were said at the same time and in the right direction, this also occurs in the 4th book, where harry is fighting Vl in the graveyard!.

If Vl's killing curse did hit harry in the final battle, harry would die, but he did not die the first time because Vl had made him A HORCRUX without knowing!.

Because harry had already destroyed all the other Horcruxes including himself ( explained up there) Tom riddle would die From any killing Curse

Hope this helps :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

umm ok answer to question no!. 1 is dumbeldore because the one man voldemort always feared was dumbledore and he's very old and wise!.
question no!.2!. i'm not exactly sure as what you are asking with this which book is it!?
question no!.3!. i think that the two wands were meant to collide because it was part of the prophecy!.!.
i dont understand the rest really so i'm sorry but if you give me some more information i'd be happy to help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1!. I have to disagree with you!. Have you read the books!? I have read each book, and yes Harry has had help in most of his things, but if you noticed he does things without a wand!. He can make things happen without having his wand!. He may not do it on purpose, but he does!.
2!. The prophecy basically states that both Harry and Voldemort cannot live together at the same time!. One of them must die for the other to live!. I hope that makes sense
3!. I guess you have read the books!. Um, I think that the spells collided because, yes, Voldemort and Harry have connected wands!. Does that make sense!?
3!.-Yes, at the cemetery Voldemort took Harry's blood, so he is tied to Harry in a way!. Do you remember in the 7th book, they were searching for Voldemort's horcruxes (sorry, I know I spelled that wrong)!. The horcruxes are pieces of Voldemort's life!. Well when Voldemort killed Harry's parents a part of Voldemort went into Harry, so technically Harry is the last horcrux!. When Harry figures this out in the last book, he decides that he will give up his life to keep the others from dying!. So, when Harry let's voldemort perform the Avada Cadavra curse on him, the horcrux is killed because Voldemort would never willingly do that for someone!.

I hope this helps and makes sense!.


1!. Harry is more powerful because he could accept death, something Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore could not!. He had the strength to sacrifice himself, and that is the greatest power-power much beyond how skilled Voldemort and Dumbledore were!.

2!. The prophecy basically stated that someone born in the month of July would have the power to beat Voldemort!. It says the baby that is born at the end of July will have power that the Dark Lord does not know-LOVE and also true courage!. It also said that they cannot coexist; one of them would have to kill the other!. And yes, everything occured according to the prophecy!. The Dark Lord marked him as his equal, because he gave Harry part of himself!.!.!.I don't know how to exactly explain that-it's something I just understand!.

3!. see aboveWww@QuestionHome@Com

1!. I think Dumbledore is more powerful - i agree that Harry only gets out of trouble because he has help!.

2!. Simpler version of prophecy: The person who kills Voldemort is coming, born to those who have thrice defied him, born at the end of July and Voldemort will mark him as his equal (his scar), but he is stronger than Voldemort thinks and one of them must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives!.

3!. The spell collided because the two wands were linked by the Phoenix who gave the tail feathers which are inside both wands!.

4!. Dumbledore was talking about Voldemort drinking the blood of the unicorn - which tethered Voldemort to life!.

Hope this helps a little!? :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think that Dumbledor does know his stuff, but Harry and Voldermort are more powerful!. Voldermort isn't as powerful as Harry, though!. They are the same since they both have a part of each other in them (through harry's scar)!.

The prophecy means that someone would rise up against the dark lord and harry was born on the day that the person prophicied was born on!.
The prophecy was carried out!.

the spell collided because harry used 'expelliarmus', a spell that disarms the attacking spell of your opponent!.

harry can kill voldy and has!. voldy couldn't kill harry because of the horcruix thing that he put in harry to protect his life!.Www@QuestionHome@Com