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Question: What is it that utterly compels Twilight haters to write such awful comments on fan's questions!?
This is my first question I have posted on yahoo answers, I'm a very new Twilight fan and always read the questions with interest!. It utterly astounds me to read the tripe that Twilight haters post in return, especially all that long winded stuff! Why bother going into the question at all - If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all!. There's plenty of things I can't stand but you don't catch me going in and posting insults to gain a swift 2 points!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Ha ha
This is the easiest question I have ever answered!.
Has anyone noticed how all the books sections is full of things to do with twilight!.
Now I really don't mind the book it's alright but I have read far better!. It is just too cheesy and I can not count how many times the words "my favourite crooked smile" has appeared in the book!.
So we people be it the minority who aren't great fans of the book can you not tell why we might get slightly annoyed that almost all the questions are about Twilight e!.t!.c you can't get a book recommendation with out twilight being suggested about 40 times even though everyone on the planet has heard of the damned book and if they haven't read it yet they probably don't want to!.

I agree that the people who leave hateful messages are a bit pathetic and sad I am sure they could find a nicer way of showing their disliking of the book than telling people how pathetic the book is!. also people who go in to long winded explanations why they hate the book are just as annoying because come on do they really expect us to believe that they hate the book when it is clear by how much they know about the content that they have read it at least twice!. If they hated it that much surely the just wouldn't bother!.

However I am sure you can see why they do it can people please start to be a bit more original in their questions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, you can't have it both ways - are they posting to get a "swift two points", or are they being longwinded!? They can't be doing both!.

I think you are missing the point of a Q&A site!. People are allowed to not like Twilight!. They are allowed to say so, even on a question by a Twilight lover!. And they are allowed to explain why!. Perhaps you should be considering why you think "OMG best book EVA!!!1!!!" is a good answer, but a long explanation of why someone holds a point of view that is different from yours is "tripe"!.

As to why it happens on Twilight questions!? Probably because it's relatively easy to identify problems with the books, both the plot consistency and the writing quality!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

People are just sick of the Twilight questions!. This site is inundated with them, and the reason people get so ticked off about it is because the majority of the questions are repetitive, you can do a search and find the same questions asked HUNDREDS of times!.!.!.do a search for "Edward or Jacob!?" and you'll find over 6000 questions! Type in "OMG Twilight", and you get 1,077 questions!.!.!.now come ON!.!.!.even a Twilight fan would have to admit that's annoying as heck!.

Another reason people get ticked off is most of the "questions" aren't even "questions" at all!. They're pointless rants about how in love with Edward they are, (take it to a fansite, please!.!.!.) or they're gushing about how they think it's the "greatest book EVER", (not a question!.!.!.) or other such nonsense!. That's not what the Yahoo Answers Books & Authors section is for!. It's not a Twilight fan site!. The majority of questions are more appropriate for a Twilight fan site, not a general books & authors site!.

Most people, including Twilight haters, will have some tolerance for a legitimate question about the content of the book, but when they see fangirl nonsense, they get angry!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you post a question about a popular series of books, you are bound to get answers from people who don't like them, as well as people who do!. Do not let the answers you don't like bother you!. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" is a very worthy sentiment, but makes for dull conversation!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I ask the same question when I come on here!. And saying things like, "I just threw my Twilight copy in the bonfire where it belongs" and "Twilight is a load of crap and whoever reads it is an idiot!" is just really mean I think!.

I mean, not everyone will like it!. But saying whoever reads it is an idiot!? I know i'm not an idiot for reading a novel I find an interest in!. I just don't want to come on here and ask a simple question about Twilight and be bombarded with hate comments, it really makes me think why I even bother coming on here and asking!.!.!.

And the wars between the whole 'Harry Potter VS Twilight' thing!? Thats just getting silly now! Too far! I love both and can't stand the fighting and childish rants over them and which one is better!.

What happened to this being a place about asking a little help about a book!?

It's sad, really :(Www@QuestionHome@Com

there's no answer to that!.
Every twilight hater has his/her own reasons!.

But i still don't understand why they say stuff about Twilight [and not only] if they know that their comment is gonna be spammed!.

Plus, everyone has their own taste in films, books and stuff!. Just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean its ****!.

There's many things that my friends go on and on and on about but i don't start cussing that stuff down just because i don't like them!.

Sorry i'm not really answering your question, i just wanted to say what i think!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I wonder myself the same thing!.!.!. i mean, if you don't like it just skip questions! I guess they're a bit bored of all the speaking, i'm a bit too: i'm a huge fan, but seeing the same questions over and over again, dumb ones like "when is midnight sun getting published" or "do you prefer edward or jacob" 50 times a day can become a bit disturbing!. Interesting questions are always welcome!.!.!. i sadly notice that also when someone asks "which book should i read!?" everyone that says twilight gets a down thumb!.!.!. We reached a point where people hate it without even knowing what's about!.!.!. I hope when the mode is passed there'll be left some good fans and all the silly ones will be up to the next one!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The over obsessiveness annoys people!. It's the fact these repeated questions ruin it for those that have questions about other books!. Those questions don't get seen b/c the obsessiveness with Twilighters!.

Random questions about music for the movie shouldn't belong here!. Or if they are team Jacob or Edward!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Annoyance mostly!. Have you been here long enough to notice that many of the Twilight questions are asked over and over!? Many of the Twilight fans don't use the search bar before asking their question, which leads to the same question being asked multiple times a day, every day!. Our patience has run thin!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i personally adore twilight!.
im not exactly sure why people hate twilight, but im guessing it is because they're harry potter fans and they are mad that twilight is becoming a huge success in the world, and is doing better than twilight!.
that is just my thought!.
i do not hate twilight, so i can not answer this very well!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It would have been better if you had posted links to examples!.

Some twilight fans, I have to say, post questions that are not really questions but gushing declarations of admiration for the books, and seem to expect nothing but uncritical agreement in reply!Www@QuestionHome@Com

"If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all!."

You're contradicting yourself, what you're saying it's not nice!.

Well, I think having some lulz from a "book" I hate so much is not all that harmfull, I don't insult fans like some insult us!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I LOVE EDWARD/ROB/TWILIGHT hi sorry anyway i love twilight to and have seen the film and just finished reading the book it was the best book in the world im now finding new moon
some people are sooo stupid when they right mean stuff i simply say
sorry i dont like them!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Another stupid question!.!.!. You obviously are not familiar with the amount of twilight garbage that is posted in B&A!. The same crap, over and over!.!.!. If I wasn't already insane, I would be by now!.

Go back to bed little girl!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Twilight fans aren't all that innocent either!.!.!.
do you realize the hatemail that some haters get in their inboxes from Twilight fans!?
And, yes, I will admit that the haters can be really mean, but that's because we are getting really tired of all of the spamming questions!.!.!.
most of the questions on here have been asked many, many times over the past hour, and some of them are just questions like, "OMG! Do u LOVE Edward Cullen!?!"
and whenever a person asks what book should they read next, it's always " you should read TWILIGHT!" (even if the person wants a genre of books completely different)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I don't like the way these books are making people think, is the long and short of it!. If it was just that Stephenie Meyer can't write, or that there's no plot, or that the main characters are the most boring, irritating pair or Mary Sues I've ever encountered, I probably would have just read it, declared it to be trash and moved on!. But I'm seeing people - not just teenage girls, but adult women as well - lapping up its anti-feminist and shallow ideals, and that terrifies me, frankly!. Edward is abusive, and people say he is the perfect guy!. The author equates "beautiful" with "good", and fans are starting to be just as superficial!. She's also irresponsible/stupid/psychotic enough to go around saying things like "!.!.!.stalking doesn't scare me!. I haven't stalked anyone (yet) but I think I would be AWESOME at it!.!.!.", and claiming that her fans are "attractive" before anything else, and people worship the ground she walks on!. I have never seen a fanbase as violent and irrational as the Twilight one!. When people are being attacked because they don't like a book, or have even just said that it's not their thing, you need to consider whether that book is really something that should be gaining more and more popularity!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I love twilight too!. I've read all four books but one thing that I really do not like are the fans!.

Honestly, I'm in the grey area of this situation!. I like Twilight as a whole, but I don't understand why the fans have to go on and on and on about it!. Twilight haters to me are probably people who can't keep their emotions in check so they burst out!.

I don't hate twilight!. I hate the fans!.

Everyone is sick of how the questions boards are being flooded by Twilight questions!. and many of them being rather baseless questions like: Who do you like best!? Edward or Jacob!? And there would be over 20 questions like that a DAY!. (thank god it's stopped!. I mean it's lessened)

We get that you guys love edward and all the other supernatural hotties and what not of the book!. But please, yahoo answers are for serious questions!. (Your question is good too! I even appreciate your question for looking into this issue)

If Twilight fans really want to ask stupid questions like who would you pick: Jacob or Edward or Carlise or Emmet or Jared or whatever!. They should go to the official website or into forums where there are threads for Twilight!. I'm sure there are millions!.

Once again: I'm not supporting any side!. I'm looking at this objectively and saying that Twilight Haters are people who have too much free time and too many unchecked emotions!. And the Twilight Lovers treat Yahoo Answers as a outlet to share their love for the book!. (they use it a biittt too much) (to the point of annoying!)Www@QuestionHome@Com

What causes you to ask such stupid questions!? also, nobody hates Twilight, Silly Goose!. You're like Mother Goose, ya silly goose!.Www@QuestionHome@Com