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Question: A question for writers, those who published books!?
I've been thinking about writing short stories, thrillers and science fiction for a while!. I want to do it while working full time as a hobby and to make extra money!. Has anybody written and published books!? What is the process!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I don't think of writing as a hobby so much as a second career even when it is short stories because the process is time consuming and lengthy!. Even if you can write a fairly decent first draft you still have to go through the process of edits, contract negotiation, re-writes, potential title change, cover approval, and finally marketing because many times with new authors that falls on your shoulders!. Updating your website, doing interviews, promoting your book, purchasing freebies for readers, going to conferences, getting reviewers to review your book etc!.

--- And this is once you have a publisher or legitimate venue (newspaper/magazine/web publication/e-publisher)!. You spend time selling your work as well!. Polishing it, locating the proper venue/genre/publication, finding literary agent/editor/publisher, submitting the work, learning the industry, etc!.!.!.

--- So even if you have a full time job you still have to dedicate a significant amount of time to this endeavor!. I think writing for magazines and newspapers is more pressure as the deadlines are more strict but it is a shorter turn around time!. With books it is eight months to eighteen months from contract to shelf!. With shorts it depends on if your work is in an anthology (then you're dependent on other authors as well) or e-publishers who offer your work for a shorter span of time!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There is huge competition in trying to get books published!. You have to be very very good and a natural talented writer (unless you are a celebrity of course, then you pay someone to write and to publish it for you)!. {Wealthy people pay to get their books published}!.

If you were involved in some famous or infamous world news item, or have a impressive personal experience or history to tell, again you stand a better chance!.
Anyway, first write your book and get your family and friends to read it, then you will at least know if you have any real writing talent!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I took a creative writing class last year in my junior year of high school!. Basically my teacher gave us a packet with publisher's names,what they require,and how to send stories to be submitted!.That's really all I did,although I know there is a bigger process than that!.!.!.and my poem got published in a book this wayWww@QuestionHome@Com