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Question: Do you listen to audio books!?
I do but I only borrow them from the library !. I just find there are certain books that are better listened to than read, especially ones with huge amounts of information and dates such as history books!.

So if you listen to them !.!.what is your favourite!? Do you react differently due to the human element!?

My faves are I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings ~ Maya Angelou ( read by author) and Just William ~ Richmal Compton ( Martin Jarvis)!.

I find I cry and laugh out loud more when it's an audio book!.!.!.!.dunno why :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
I used to when I had a children's library ticket - as they could rent audio books for free in my county!.

I think that adults have to pay for the loan!?

I used to enjoy getting Bernard Cornwell books on tape (Sharpe) even though I had read the books anyway!. Good fun and relaxing to listen to - especially when the guys put on the appropriate accents!

Of course they are all on CD now!.

In my local London library in the "books for sale" section they have loads of the old tapes for sale!. They are waiting in forlorn fashion for someone to pick them up and enjoy them, but will probably end up in the bin : (Www@QuestionHome@Com

The Harry Potter books read by Stephen Fry are great - (I also tried listening to them read by an American; sounded terrible, with mispronunciation and a grating voice!)

I have a few of the Just William ones but haven't yet listened to them!.

I also have Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything

I haven't tried any history audio books but as most of my books are history ones I should give some audio ones a go - it's just nice to relax sometimes and let someone else read to you; other times I get on with housework or something whilst listening to a novel!.

If you liked the Maya Angelou, try Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, I listened to that several times it was so good!. Happy reading/listening!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Same as you, I borrow them from the library when I can!. This is partly due to the fact that I'm chasing a small child through the house all day and don't have time to sit and read until the evening, and even then I can think of a million other things that need to be done!.

Anyway, I like the Cat Who books by Lillian Jackson Braun, and Agatha Christie novels preferably read by Joan Hickson :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

All the time! They leave my hands free for puzzles and crocheting without me giving up on my precious reading!

They can vary quite a lot in quality, but I usually get used to voices fairly quickly so it only takes a couple of minutes for me to be captured!.
also I can leave an audio book half finished for months on end and when I begin listening to it again the voice of the narrator will bring me right back to where I was, without me having to go back and reread anything!. Instant atmosphere!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Nah, I much prefer to read a book myself, although when I was very little I used to have to have a story tape on before I could sleep lol!. A long time ago, an English Lit teacher once made me listen to an audio book of 'Death Of A Salesman', and it was terrible! I haven't been near them since!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I can't stand them!
My friend loves audiobooks, and actually prefers them to reading!.
I've never been able to listen to a book!.!.!. I don't get into it in the same way!. The only thing I love as much as reading is the quietness that comes with it, its relaxing!.!.!. Couldn't relax with someone reading to me in my earphones!.

I have to do a lot of travelling with my job so I listen to them in the car!. I used to love listening to Terry Pratchet books at the gym but at the moment I'm listening to Stephen Fry read the Harry Potter books while I'm travelling to and from workWww@QuestionHome@Com

i can't think of any that come to mind other than poetry ,great to listen to and best read by an actor I find there voices have high and low to them love to listen the wild colonial boyWww@QuestionHome@Com

I've never tried that yet!.
I have to admit I prefer the idea of reading it myself better than being read to, but I'll give it a go sometime!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have but I have a tendency to tune out and then 15 minutes later I realize I was listening to the book!.!.

I have to read it!.!.!.it makes driving a bit difficult but well that's why I have cruise control!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

No, but my Aunt who is blind does!. Thanks for telling about the one by Maya Angelou!.!.!.will try & get it for her!.

I listen to loads and own 2 bookcase shelves for!. I also download from Audible!.co!.ukWww@QuestionHome@Com