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Question: Ideas for story, Too cliche!?
Well I'm thinking of writing a story and the main character's family are one of five families that pass down this power from generation to generation, and with each generation they are passed down an object too which is all to do with this 'power'!. I haven't completely decided what the 'power' is yet!.

The 'power' will have a bit of a Chinese influence I think, so any ideas of what this object could be!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Depends on the power you choose!. It couldn't be something alive (like a lucky cricket) if it survives generations!. Ancestral ash or relics would be too easy!. And anything including the words jade, tiger, dragon, etc!., is out!.

Consider Chinese legend and superstition!. If the power is to see spirits or something, perhaps its one of those mirrors that some Chinese place near windows to scare away such creatures!. A fan, teapot, or tool of some trade would be interesting, too!. I'd prefer something mundane and endemic to an average or poor family ancestry to something too elaborate and easy!.

As for the thieves, stealing the object blunts or eliminates the novice's power, so they "break the chain" and eliminate the power which, perhaps, is a threat to them!. Or maybe they can simply use the object to expose the family for having the power!.

Hope that helps! :^) Good luck with the story!Www@QuestionHome@Com