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Question: Jacob Black Question-Search bar has been used!!?
**Breaking Dawn Spoilers**

So I'll be honest, after Bella was turned in Breaking Dawn I kinda faded in and out of the book!. I did well but the whole J!.Jenks stuff bored me to tears and so the rest was pretty much skimmed!. I have a few questions I want to clear up without having to go back to reading the book!. It was painful enough the first time!

1) So at the end of the book who is in Jake's pack!? Is it still just Seth and Leah or is it the whole gang bar Sam!? I'm not sure I remember her even touching on this!. I know they were present at the anti-climactic battle but I'm not sure who the alpha was!.

2) What colour are Bella's vampire eyes again!?

3) Is it just Sam and Jake that can communicate while they're in their wolf form!? I know he starts talking to Sam again when Nes is born but can he talk to the other guys as well or is it just an alpha to alpha thing!?

and lastly, why can't two alpha's exist in the same town!? Just because of that legend with the crazy dude stealing the other guys body right!? Sam and Jake had no underlying animosity or anything from what I could make out!.

You don't have to answer every question, even one would help!. I don't think SM herself touched on a lot of this stuff so if I get one answer it would be great!.

Thanks in advance!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
1!. Yes it is still just Leah and Seth, but we discover that the two Alphas can communicate at will!.

2!. Bella's vampire eyes are fading to a golden colour, but are in between red and gold!. We know this because she still has to wear brown contacts at the end of the book, and because it says so!.

3!. It is purely Alpha to Alpha, or Jake to his own pack (Seth and Leah)!.

4!. two Alphas can exist in the same town, Jake and Sam prove that!. With the Shadow Warriors, it was more a case of usurpation!. The guy that was supposed to be the Leader, his body was taken away and none of the humans could hear or see him when he was a ghost (hope that one makes sense)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Jake and Seth and Leah go back into Sam's pack!. I think, to be honest I didn't pay much attention to Jacob in the end of the book!.

Bella's eyes are crimson, because when you are a newborn it takes a while to gain normal vampire eye colour

Everyone in a pack can communicate in wolf form, but wolves in seperate packs can't communicate!. Only the alphas can communicate with each other!.

There can only be one alpha coz thats just like tradition!. It'd be like having two kings of the one country!.

EDIT: Oh, i thought you meant why can't there be two Alphas in the same pack!. No, there can be two alphas in the same town!. If they each have their own pack!.

Hope i helpedWww@QuestionHome@Com