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Question: Question about writing a book!!!?
I want to start writing my first book and I really need an advice!.

* Is it better to write it on the computer or on paper!? If on computer, what software is better to use (Word, WordPad, any special programs)!?

* What genre is the most popular in these days!? (stupid question, but I have so many ideas)

* What font size is the best (easiest to read for an average person)!?

* Is there any literature for the beginners!?

* What publishing house is the best!? (I live in Canada)

* Any personal advice!?

Thank you very much!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
ok, let start with
1!. computer is easier and not as messy but what i do is write it down on paper, read over it, add corrections, then type it onto the computer, then print it out[i write in sections] and hand it to friends for feedback!. once that whole ordeal is over, i take their feedback and see how i can fix it!. and no special programs needed for the computer, word would be just fine!.
2!. Write in the genre you are most comfortable with!. for me, i mostly write in the paranormal/fantasy genre but i mix it in with other things such as romance or give it a teenage edge(since i am still a teenager)
3!. the best font for the author[as in you! lol] is 12 times new roman!. it is easy to read and well once in a book, the publishers decided font and font size!.
4!. What do you mean 'literature for the beginners!?'!. i'm sorry i cant help you there!.
5!. I live in California so i cant help you with publishing houses!. but an author once told my class that it might be easier to publish a book yourself!. but it depends on how you are doing economically as well!.
6!. Ok i'm only a teenager[16 if you really must know] but i love writing and hope to one day publish a book so dont discredit any advice i give, alright!? Mainly, just enjoy yourself! writing comes from within[ i know, corny right!? but its true] and you cant really say, "im gonna write a book and its gonna become famous in no time at all!" it doesnt work like that!. you have to put thought into your story and work on it, even when people question it!. My family thinks that my 'author phase' is just, well another phase but come on, a phase since the fourth grade!? please!. It also doesnt hurt to do some research on whatever you're writing about!. on a current novel i'm working on, the protagonist is russian so i'm trying to learn everything about the russian culture and language[then again, i'm generally interested in different cultures!. lol!.]!. Well so i gave you a few notes!. Hope i helped!. :]
good luck with your writing!Www@QuestionHome@Com

- Computer is easier for editing, Microsoft Word should be fine!. Bring paper or a laptop when you go out so you can write down ideas as they come to you!.
- Just write what YOU want, not what everyone else wants!. You'll be more excited about writing if you actually like what you're writing about!. Right now, I think fantasy (oldern and modern) is quite popular, as are "magical kids saving the world"
- 12 pt or so for adult novels, 14 or higher for YA/ young reader novels!.
- The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White, is really thin and really helpful!.
- Not sure about publishing houses!. Just pick up a random book, see if it's publisher has a branch in Canada!.
- Don't force yourself to write in any specific order or constrain yourself to chapters!. It's often better to write down anything and everything that comes to mind then edit later!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I really recommend you forget all these things!. Just sit down and write however you feel most comfortable!. You need a LOT of practice before you need to worry about font sizes and publishers and writing books!.

I mean, imagine you want to learn to swim!. You don't start by worrying about the best racing suit to wear, which stroke suits your physique, and reading books on perfect technique, you start by getting in a pool and practicing keeping your head above water!. Writing is exactly the same!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

to get a publisher, these days you need an agent!.!. and know right off, it ain't easy to get published!.!.!. if you are writing to become famous or rich, your chances are abt the same or less as becoming a rock star!.!.!.

If I understand from above that you are Russian, write something that involves your culture and back ground - and yes, on the computer - - you can always print it out!.!. I use MS WordWww@QuestionHome@Com

1!. Computer- It's easier to edit, and delete!.
2!. Hmmm!.!.!.!.!. Don't know
3!. Doesn't really matter
4!. I don't get that question
5!. I live in Australia, don't ask me
6!. Take your time- Think about the story a lot before you write it!. edit lots, write the genre and style you feel comfortable with!. Don't rush it!.If you work on one part for too long just stop and go onto the next part!.
You're very welcome!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Computer!. you can edit better but paper if you suddenly have an idea and cant get to the computer
all genre but i would look at wuts on the best seller list to get ideas
advice: write down everything that comes to mind!. it will always come in handy :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

I may be 16 but I would recommend you to write on paper first as you spot the mistakes more easily after checking and you are more likely to make it better - thats the beauty of drafting! ;)

And by the way, go on Microsoft Word when youre doing your second copy as WordPad and all that is sometimes infinite in width (which is annoying as you have to press enter to go to the next line) so dont use it if youre the lazy type like me (ithink im not sure about that infinite width part lol)!.

Books with the genres known as Literature and/or Politics should be taught and read by people my age they can learn so much - although I dont read books often :(!.!.!. I like using Arial although the best font was size 12 or 14 and the name was somehting like Tahoma size 12 i think it fits very good and looks good and readable!.

About the Literature and Politics part - I heard that from some politician from Australia and I believed him - he was successful! People would love you for it!. Im not sure of any publishing housers lol!. Ive heard of Penguin Books and some other cant remember sorry!.

Make sure you tell me the name of the book(s) that you will be writting, ok!?

P!.S make sure you use the Thesaurus for better but more sensable words - go to the website http://www!.thesaurus!.reference!.com

It helps me with my essays and assignments for school you know! :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Alright!.!.!. slow down!. First off, just start writing, try many different ways of putting things down (paper, typewriter, computer), and find what works best for you!. Don't write what's most popular, start with what you know, and then once you find your voice, branch out and see where you can go with it!.!.!. find your niche!. For font, it's a personal preference until you submit a manuscript to an editor or publisher!. They will tell you what format, font, what color paper, what alignment they want, everything!. There is a book called "writer's market" and it breaks down publishers for everything, i am sure it includes canada, there is one for canada, or there is something like it in canada!. You choose a publishing house dependent on what genre you are writing in and what their power/stability are!. Literary agents help with that!. You can find tons of books to help you learn to cultivate your style as well as your vocabulary and grammar, but most importantly you just need to write!. Put everything down on paper and see where it takes you!. Like with everything else it takes lots of practice!. also, the more you read the better you write, so read as much as you can as often as you can, and read everything!. Non-fiction, fantasy, fiction, literature, plays!.!.!. everything!. It will all come together to help you cultivate how and what you put on paper!. Hope that helps!.Www@QuestionHome@Com