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Question: Photoshopping a face to another person's body!?
How can you smoothen the edges of a picture that overlapped to another picture so it won't look like 2 pictures put together!? It's basically a face on top of another person!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Feathered edges, smudge, clone; there are a number of ways to deal with the seam!. As for matching colors, you will have to take your best shot at adjusting the parameters of one or the other images!.

Being able to do this convincingly requires either carefully matched originals or advanced photoshop skills!. You also need to start with identically lit subjects or it will look fake no matter what you do!. There is no specific setting or simple recipe!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

actually, i just used microsoft word and did this:


it's not that hard, actually, just crop the picture and then use the soft edged round tool to soften the edges, then drag into place and rotate to make it match! then there are brightening and contrast and other color tools that help too!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Just remember, unless you have taken both photos you are merging!.!.!. You will be guilty of copyright infringement avcording to US Copyright Laws!. Only the photographer who took the photo may alter it!.

You would need written permission!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you can used a soft edged mask!. Matching colors is a lot more difficult, if not impossible!. To pass it off you really need to watch the lighting in the photo or it will looked doctored!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

matching the skin color, you could always use the air brush tool and match one of the colors with the eyedropper tool and put the brush on overlay, lower the opacity and go over it which ever part you're matching!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

use <select-feather ~2 pixels> before copy and pasting the head!. use <adjust-hue & saturation> to match colorWww@QuestionHome@Com