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Question: Any professional photographers up for an interview!?
I need to interview a professional photographer for my photography course and have samples of their work!.!. so if you're willing to answer my questions and leave a site where i can see your work or maybe email me some, that would be a huuuge help!. :D

Okay so here are the questions:

1!. How long have you been working professionally as a photographer!?
2!. How old are you!?
3!. What are some struggles to being a photographer!?
4!. Is it a hard field to get into!?
5!. Why do you like it!? Did you always!?
6!. How did you get into it!? How old were you!?
7!. Who pays for your work!? How much!?
8!. Do you plan on doing this as a permanent career!?
9!. What hours do you work!?
10!. Who is your favorite photographer!? Why!?
11!. What are some of your other interests!?
12!. What type of camera do you use!?
13!. If you went to college for photography, which one did you attend!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
1 - Since the late 70's
2 - 58
3 - The other fish in the stream and the struggle to stay alive as you swim up stream!. Others keep falling back giving you energy to keep going!.
4 - Any of them are!.!.!.!.!.!
5 - Personal growth and achievement!. I also like to make others feel good about themselves via my images, and they help!.
6 - I saw my dad developing film back in the very early 50's!. Had the bug ever sense!.
7 - My clients pay!. The how much depends on what it is I do and how much I do for them!. I also have gotten into Gallery work and now I have work hanging in a local Tucson Art Gallery for sale!.
8 - it IS my permanent career now!.!.!.
9 - 24/7/365!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.
10 - Ansel Adams - He went out and suffered in order to capture his images!.
11 - Motorcycles!. Astronomy!. Hiking!. Camping!. Guns!. Swinging!.
12 - I used Nikon 35mm film cameras!. Almost all the bodies Nikon offered!. The Nikon F, the FTn!. F2, F3, FM, FE!.!. In 2000 I went to a Fuji D-SLR called the S-1!. I was hooked!. It was a Nikon N-60 film camera but digitized!. I now have, and use - a S-2 (a n-80) !.!. a S-3 in IR-UV (also based on the N-80 film body) and a S-5 (a D-200)!. ALL Fuji D-SLR's are based on Nikon donor bodies!. I also have over 20 Nikkor lenses, many primes, all manual and can use them on the Fuji (Nikon) bodies!. I also had different medium format bodies for 6x4!.5, 6x6 and 6x9 film!. I own and shoot with Crown Graphic 4x5 cameras as well as a old 120 year old Folmer & Schwin 8x10 wood view camera!.
13 - I went to a local city college in Michigan at the time and took classes there!. The instructor was so full of him self it was like a show and tell of all his work!. I dropped out after calling him out and saying your full of it, dude!. (I was a Army photographer before this class so I had an idea of what BS was)!.

I have more but it's late!. Can expand on things if wanted, but I will go for now!.

Bob - Tucson!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1!. almost 2 years!.
2!. 18!.
3!. You have to be very outgoing and confident in yourself!.
4!. Absolutely not!.
5!. My Aunt used to own her own studio!.!. and she inspired me, so i decided to start with a studio!.!. but both studios that i worked for kind of "dented" my dream a little!.!. and I am slowly doing some stuff on my own!. [They push so many customers in the door to get their photos taken!.!. it just takes away the whole point of a photo]
6!. I was 16 when I started at the first studio!.
7!. So far, I took photos for a policeman ball and was payed about $100 between tips and prints and I took pictures of my friends wedding and was payed $200!.
8!. Possibly!.
9!. On my own time!.
10!. Chuck DeLaney!. He is also the Dean of the School I am enrolled in!.
11!. I write lyrics, I write novels, I love to play Volleyball and go bowling, I collect Monopoly Board Games, and I enjoy the beach
12!. Nikon D40, D60, and D80
13!. I am currently a student at New York Institute of Photography!. Its amazing!. Its straight from Home!.!. and its only $1,000!.!. and the best in depth course I have ever taken!. <3Www@QuestionHome@Com