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Question: What is a good Digital SLR camera to start photography !?
I've recently just taken an interest in photography and want to pursue it as a hobby!. I'm wondering what's a good starting Digital SLR camera!? I know a friend whose into photography but his camera is like 1200$, and that's without adding all his lenses and accessories!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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For Christmas 2007 my husband gave me the Nikon D40, and I really love it!. I think he was even able to get a "kit" that included the camera body, basic lens and an additional lens (and even a camera case)!. I think he spent around $500 to $600 for everything, including the insurance plan from Ritz Camera!. If you shop for the D40 on eBay, you could probably find a new one or one in very good condition for maybe $200 to $300!.

The other one I would suggest is the Canon Digital Rebel XTi!. It is a great camera for a beginner and very comparable to the D40!. I've shot some photos with a friend's XTi, and the one difference I noticed between it and my camera is that on the "auto" setting the shutter seems to reset itself just a fraction of a second faster for the next shot!.

Just a quick search on eBay returned the following:
Nikon D40: new from $390 and used from $199
Canon Digital Rebel XTi: new from $399 and used from $349

Hope this helps - and have fun with your new camera once you get it!Www@QuestionHome@Com

If your just starting photography I would not recommend purchasing a 1200$ camera, you can keep it simple minus the accessories and lenses!. If you are looking at DSLR cameras I'd suggest looking into Nikon cameras or Cannon cameras!. Either are good!. If you are new to photography I would suggest maybe looking into other cameras rather that DSLRs!. Just my opinion, but get a DSLR once you have learned a bit more into photography, know what your doing, and feel comfortable!. Otherwise it could be a waste of money at the beginning!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

canon and nikon are great camera but their price are steep and that not including theirs lens !. I been shopping around for a replacement dslr and I am leaning towards a used pentax K10 reason being it is a ten mega-pixel camera that shoot at a rate of 3 frames a sec!. and it offer an shake stabilizers which help you take sharper pic at a slow shutter speed!. and you can use every lens that pentax had ever made with this model!. and it only cost around 400!.00 It got great reviews which,if you google it you can see for yourself!. But no matter what you buy remember in the end it's not the camera but the photographer who makes the shotsWww@QuestionHome@Com

Personally, I've heard good things about Nikon's, but there is no perfect camera, there's only perfect for you!. I'd tr to check out as many of my friend's camera's as possible, and test out lots in the stores before deciding!. If you do find the perfect camera and get some great pictures, you should check out the wireless HD digital frames at Ceiva!. http://snurl!.com/98odwWww@QuestionHome@Com

Nikon and Canon have kits, body with a lens, starting around $500!.

Unless you buy used, you can get a lot more for the same money!. But here can be a nightmare unless you know how to kick the tires of a used camera!.

Go with one of the kit cameras for $500 for there are no cheaper!.!.

Bob - TucsonWww@QuestionHome@Com

Nikon D40 is godd for starter photography with good price!.

they are all good, get the base model in a brand and go from thereWww@QuestionHome@Com