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Question: Conservative advice only Graphic Designers Or Visual Communication Professional!?
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Hello There!

Firstly, its so brilliant that you are doing this because it means you are willing to except advice which a lot of people are not very good at!.!.!. haha

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Two very simple edits would do the trick perfectly for this!.
1st - open up the hand image on a basic paint program and just go around the edges until you can see no white rim around the hand! It can sometimes be time consuming, but well worth it!
2nd - Maybe think about lightening or fading the hand so that the CHOOSE can be read easier from a distance and from close up!. Or maybe think about changing the colour of the CHOOSE!.

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I quite like it!.

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Lovely images! My Hate nerve for pixeled pictures has not been touched here and thats great haha!
I would think about maybe turning all the images grayscale or black and white rather than that slight colour change between the four images!.
The 'Got happy feet!?' box could be stretched across the entire poster!.!.!. but the font could be kept the same size and maybe sent to the right or left of the box!?

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Maybe folowing the pencil lines with a thick black pen and then colouring the image in with deeper colours that fill to the line and can be noticed from a distance!

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Good luck!

Hope this helped!


I think you need to practice more on the computer art and show more artistic elements and techniques!. also, you should get the basis of photoshop down and continue to practice with Adobe products!. Make everything look clean!. Not stretched out or blurry!. Maybe pick up a book or two on the basics of design and look at professional's designs for inspiration and ideas!. Keep on practicing and you'll be fine!Www@QuestionHome@Com