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Question: As a model, to get the ball rolling, whats my "step program"!? Get a portfolio, Get an agent, etc!. Help please!!?
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audition audition audition! try out for:
etc, etc!.
take some headshots (see elite's website, click on a model and then click "polaroid" and it'll show you what it should look like!. expressionless but a fire in the eyes!.
take a look at agents!.
DON'T take a class-- profesh agencies won't want you cuz they teach you wrong stuff
DON'T try out for bad places like barbizon if you have trouble with higher end stuff-- if you make it, they won't look favorably on your resume
DON'T give up! you're gonna do great!. i did it and you could too!. feel free to leave your email and i could contact you with tips, tricks, personal stories and pictures!.

EDIT: not sure why i got those thumbs down!. i'm just trying to provide helpful info that can help you become big!. i hope you get in contact with me because i'd love to help!. modelling is my passion!Www@QuestionHome@Com

yes get a portfolio, send it to agents, thats it really, wait by the phone maybeWww@QuestionHome@Com