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Question: Please rate my photos!?
I am trying to get into photography and have gotten mixed reviews whether my pics are "good enough"

please tell me what you think


space needle

sun beach

purple sky


fog deck

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Anyone can enjoy the hobby of photography, no "good enough" required!. If you are asking if the images are sell-able, or if they look professional, well, at this point I'd have to say no!.

The first one, "beach", is a pretty location!. The composition is lacking, and the entire image is very soft with a distracting glare in the sky!. If the softness was on purpose, it doesn't work very good there IMO!. also the horizon is tilted!. Needle, too centered, too much glare although there is some nice back lighting on the leaves!. Sun beach would look better with better exposure!. But there are thousands of images just like that that are better executed!. Purple sky, again, you are competing with zillions of sunset shots!. The fog ones are my favorites, especially the first one!. Nice layers and atmosphere there!.

Keep learning and practicing and do not be discouraged!. As your knowledge and skill grow you will see your work improve!. Best wishes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Beach: I'd have gone for less foliage intruding from the top and the beach!. also, there's a white smear in the sky towards the top right that I'd edit out!.

Space needle: You've handled the contra-jour well, but I'm confused what you want the subject to be - trees or the needle!. Allowing the main platform at the top to be so obscured seems unconventional, to say the least!.

Sun beach: Crop or edit out the dark waves bottom left!. also the small bit of cloud top left!. Was the bird really there!? I'd be happy without it!.

Purple sky: Nice!. (See, I'm not all bad!.)

Fog: Quite nice, but how about losing the bright white cloud and cropping the right to lose the dark tree!? Or you could tone down the tree to match the others!.

Fog Deck: Crop the bottom to lose the corner of the building you were standing on!. Then I really like it - probably the pick of the bunch!.

In the interests of fairness, my public gallery is linked below!. It accepts comments!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

My favorite is this one http://i452!.photobucket!.com/albums/qq244!.!.!. You've got great conceptsWww@QuestionHome@Com

you are on to something but just not there yet! Keep practicing and try different types of pic taking/style until you find what you are best at!.!.What you have is so generic!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

They're pretty, but I feel like they're not very!.!.!.different!? You know!? Except the fog ones, those are beautifully unexpected! Hope I helped!. :]Www@QuestionHome@Com

not bad but work is never done and more can always beexertedWww@QuestionHome@Com