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Question: How can i take great picture when i'm not photogenic !?
I know some people are pretty but for the average girl like me what tricks can you give me!. A couple of my friend seem to have beautiful pictures in their photo albums not even 1 ugly picture!. Is it angle !? Smile !? Makeup !? Light !?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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pretty much the key to taking a good photo is just relaz
dont even bother thinking about the camera
act normal
have your friend or someone tell you a joke so your smile looks natural

angel can be an important factor as well, try all different angels until you find one that you think works for you!.

also lighting is highly important!. if you don't have good lighting the picture won't turn out good!. experiment with lighting a little until you find what you think is good lighting!.

have fun with the pictures, dont get nervous and just be yourself!.

if you are going to wear makeup i'd recomend a natural look!. you don't want anything overpowering because it will take away from your beauty and the photo!.

just remember the camera is your friend!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Everyone has beauty within them!.

Here's a few tips:

Find a friend with a good camera - a high quality DSLR can make all the difference!.

Use a long zoom lens and wide aperture!. This will soften your face and highlight your best features!. (Find a friend with a good camera)

Avoid harsh light that creates sharp contrast (e!.g!. direct sunlight) - look for soft, even light - ideally an overcast day!.

Consider visiting a professional studio - many will only charge you if you are happy with that shot!.

Smile, but make it a real smile with your eyes rather than the usual cheesy grin!.

Try Black and White - this often works!.

Look on website like Flickr to see all kind of portrait shots and be inspired!.

Best of luck - and remember that real beauty shines from within!.

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Probably all of the above!.

Figure out what your flaws are!.
Double chin, big belly, whatever, and try to work around them!.
Ex: Raise your neck up to make less of a double chin, and do chest up shots!.

Anybody can be photogenic, because what makes you not photogenic are flaws!. If you work around/get rid of those flaws, what's stopping you!?Www@QuestionHome@Com