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Question: How to set shutter to a longer time for light painting!.!?
i have a Nikon D90 and its brand new
like tonight new
and i have NO EXP whatsoever, im just very interested,

so stop with the lame conceited and rude answers, if your like that
DONT ANSWER my question!

so please, help[:

fhotoace, your amazing[:
i think your the Nikon guy on the DVD
or am i wrong!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Thanks !.!.!. I have been using the "light painting" technique since the middle 1970's using a 4x5 view camera shooting the interiors of Banks for brochures and other types of advertising

The only videos I am on are some YouTube videos on the "Making of a Fashion Magazine" (working title) and should be released in the second quarter of this year!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wow, a bit defensive but I'll help ya anyways!. Use a tripod and set the camera to the "B" setting which stands for bulb!. It's recommended to buy a shutter release cord so you don't shake the camera while hitting the shutter but you just press the shutter once, do your light writing and then press the shutter again to close it!. By doing this the shutter records all of the activity that happens between the first push of the shutter and the second!. Have fun!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I don't own the camera, but read you can have "bulb," settings for up to 30 minutes before it turns off!. It is buried in your owners manual!. Years ago I did allot of long exposure shooting, 35mm, street scenes, etc!. I would set my camera on a tripod, then go around with my flash gun (Sunpac 522) and set it off to full expose say a train, using different colored gel filters over the flash head!. Anyhow, enjoy the camera!. PeaceWww@QuestionHome@Com