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Question: How do i keep the lighting in my stopmotion film from changing!?
im working on a stop-motion claymation film, and every other frame has different lighting even though the same lights are on the whole time, it makes the movie look bad and unprofessional, how do i keep the lighting consistent!? or could it be the camera im using!? please help and give me tips if you can thanksWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Do it at night (or perfectly dark), do NOT use AUTO exposure, control your artificial lighting meticulously!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Flickering is one of the biggest problems when using a digital camera for stop motion!. Digital cameras are so sensitive they can capture the variations in light that come from household lightbulbs, which tend to "buzz!."

You need to set your camera on all manual settings!. Locked exposure, no white balance, no flash, no autofocus!. It also helps to take pics with a longer exposure setting!. There are also some plugins for photoshop which can help de-flicker your photos, but that means doing a lot of post-production work to all your photos!. If you aren't already familiar with Photoshop, that can be a real hassle!.

also, are you in a completely closed off room!? If there are windows and daylight is pouring in, changes in light coming from the window will obviously affect your photos!.


You might find it easier to use a good webcam or camcorder to shoot your stop motion with because you won't have the flicker problem at all!.Www@QuestionHome@Com