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Question: I have an Artistic Interiors Inc!. painting #445190!. I wanted to know how much it is worth!. Who painted it!?
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Artistic Interiors sold paintings by the thousands, paintings in the trade known as 'decoration' art!. These were all painted in either Europe or Mexico and sold with Made In Mexico frames and were numbered!. So you have painting Number 445190 sold by Artistic Interiors!. These paintings are sold in furniture stores as decorations or in Wal-Marts or sometimes you'll see the advertised sales late at night on TV where they say 'Original Oil Paintings Starting At $19!.95!.'

As to who actually painted it, you'll probably never know!. The artists who work in those painting factories aren't allowed to use their own name and names are assigned to them, names that sound European and artsy!.

How much is it worth to a collector!? No more than the value of the frame itself!. To poor!. struggling artists who will buy one to paint over it to save on canvas it's worth whatever a Goodwill or Salvation Army store will sale it for!.

But here's the important thing: Some of the factory painted original paintings are actually pretty good, done by serious artist who worked at these factories to make a living!. The important thing is it's value to you!. If you enjoy looking at it and having it hang on the wall then the true value is to the viewer!. But to a serious art dealer it's worth very little!.Www@QuestionHome@Com