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Question: What do I need to develop 4x5 b&w film!?
Just wondering what I need to develop 4x5 large format film!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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OK!.!.!. for 4x5 film you will need some sort of 4x5 film developing tank!.

You "can" do it in open trays, under NO light!. In the dark, and hope you agitate the film enuf!. Then transfer to the fixer right and hope you agitate it there right too!.!.!.!.

The film tanks are from Calumet!.com!.!.!. Web site !.!.!.


and 4x5 processing equipment -


There are other places, but you will have to search!. Tank developing is better but loading a 4x5 holder can be problematic!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

Depending on the make of the 4x5 film, you will need developer!. Of course!.!.!. the Stop Bath and Fixer can be universal!. Kodak or Ilford!.

If you went out on a line and shot color, C-41 color neg, or E-6 slide material, I think you went WAY over your head here and f**k'ed up!. You went too much too fast!.!.!.!.!. Take the film in the holders to a pro lab and have them do it!. They can also do the BW as well if you ask for develop only, no prints!.

4x5 is JUST like any other film, but it's larger!. The tanks are larger!. The chemical quantity's are larger!. The cost is larger!. The problem's are often larger!. But it's still the same as most any 35mm, for the most part!.

It is NOT hard, but It takes a whole different mind set!. You MUST think it thru before you turn off the lights!.How to get it out of the
film holders and into the development rack for one thing!.

How to dry these big negs for another!.!.!?

Anyone can do it, it just takes the thinking thru of the process!.

Bob - TucsonWww@QuestionHome@Com

1) a darkroom!. Which is basically just a darkroom that leaks no white light!.
2) safe lights, so that you see what you're doing!.
3) trays with chemicals in order: developer, water, stop bath, water, fixer, water!. (water for rinsing)
4) tons
5) photopaper
6) film developing canister, film reel, and film developer, stop, fixer!.
7) enlarger and timer!.

First, you have to develop the film and make negatives!. You must not open the film in white light OR the safe light!. To load the film on the the reel, you have to do it in complete darkness, or a bag created for the exact purpose of that!. Takes some practice!. After that, put the loaded reel into a canister and lock it so no light leaks in!.

Then you can go into the light and develop the film!. Pour in developer first, the time should depend on the developer and the brand of film!. Stop bath (pour out dev!.) for a minute or so!. Then fixer for 5-7 minutes depending on film speed!.!.!.etc!. Agitate once in a while to get the chemicals working!. After that, open canister and get film under running water for about ten minutes!.

By now, you should have your negatives!. When they're you could load the preferred one into the enlarger (in darkroom with safe lights on, photo paper + white light = disaster) Expose your photo paper with a good time!. Use test strips!. Into the developer for as long as the image shows up with preferred contrast, stop bath for a minute or so, fixer for 8-10 minutes!. Rinse in water for 5-10 minutes!. Hang up to dry!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Try 3 trays!. Developer, Stop bath, and Fix!.
Use bowls if you have to!.
You would unload the film in the dark and put it into the developer and agitate it somewhat for 3!.5 minutes or whatever the correct time would be!. Temperature matters!.
Some smart people know how to watch the image come up using a safe light!.
Then drain the negative and put it into the stop bath for a minute or so!.
Then you must fix the image so the light won't continue to darken the negative!.
Then it must be washed in running water for 20 minutes to wash off the fixer!.
It needs to be dried!.Www@QuestionHome@Com