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Question: Other people using your art!?
Recently, someone was polite enough to ask my permission to use a design that I had uploaded to deviantART for a school project!. I said yes but both of us were confused about copyright issues and crediting!. Am I cheating myself out of something if I let him use it for free!? I feel like it would be weird to have someone pay for an amateur design and I personally didn't mind and was flattered, but I basically want to know if that was a stupid decision on my part and what I should do in the future!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I second mav_ambe's answer!. I would also add that you should be somewhat careful about indiscriminately allowing the use of your images!. Amateur or not, you should get some reimbursement for having done the work!. Every artist who ever made any money at it had to start selling their work at some point!. You might as well get something besides the warm fuzzy for someone else wanting it!.
As far as the copyright issue is concerned--you own it and only you can transfer or sell it!. Allowing someone to buy or use the image does not confer the copyright to that person unless you specifically sell them the copyright (right to copy)!. If you are paid or not for their use of the image you should receive credit as the original artist!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i think typically, especially as an amateur artist, it's typical to let someone use your art for free!. However, you could, and probably should ask that they give you credit and put your name at the bottom of your picture!. Istock!.com lets artist upload their photos or drawings to be bought online for a small fee!. As the artist, you get 20% everytime the photo is downloaded!. So next time, you could tell someone to just download it from istock!.Www@QuestionHome@Com