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Question: What do you think is GOOD or NOT good about the painting, The Family of Charles IV!? STARS rewarded! URGENT!!!!?
I need your personal opinion PLEASE! It's for a homework assignment and it's due in 2 days! Links would be just fine, but I'd much rather your opinions!. Stars will be rewarded for good answers!. Thank you so much!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
1)!. Why would the picture in the background be so hard to see!? Did he not want to paint that detail!?

2)!. Compared to other paintings of that time, I think the features look a little flat, and not as smooth!.!.!.!. What period was this!?!?!?

3)!. The fact that the whole painting was done of the full body shows major $$$$!. But normally, people with that much money also included their pets in the portraits!.!.!. (just an observation)

4)!. I didn't read the history of this painting, so I don't know what it's background or purpose was!.!.!.
But my main pet peeve on this is the lack of detail and depth in the facial features!. Almost cartoony!

5)!. The clothing is very detailed!. That's good!.

6)!. I'm wondering why the artist chose to paint some of the family looking away from the audience!. In those days, people posed for pictures!.!.!. Why would they CHOOSE to be painted that way!?

Hope this helped!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I dont think you can classify a painting by simply saying it's good or bad!.In what way do you want to know if a painting is good!?Is it the colour,is it how the people are portrayed,is it the compliance with the era/country it was created in!?I know that this wasnt the answer you were asking for but hey this is my opinion :-PWww@QuestionHome@Com

do what your heart tellsyou i honestly think it would be a good painting good luck on that!Www@QuestionHome@Com