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Question: How to be a good photographer !?
i am a beginner !. you just write down what are the mistakes that amateur photographer generally make !?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Ah, starting photography!. Good choice for a hobby, and perhaps a career!.

Well, I'll get right down to business then!

Photography is an art that requires a steady, careful hand!. If you find you take blurry pictures because your hands naturally shake, you should get a camera with auto-stabilization!. This way, it takes the picture instantly and removes any blur!. you may already have the function on your camera, so read your instruction manual carefully if you haven't done so already!. Keep in mind that it isn't always the most expensive camera that is best!. I have a small digital camera, pocket-sized, but it takes extremely clear, precise, and great pictures, and it was also extremely cheap!. Less than one hundred dollars!.

Use your angles wisely! Don't continuously go for straight-on pictures!. Kneel down, put the camera over your head, move to the side, tilt the camera!. etc!. A picture from below, above, or side on can often look better than a regular, straight-forward picture!. You can even place the camera on the surface of the object you are photographing, and make it face a certain direction, then take your photo!.

Many digital cameras have a macro function, allowing you to take detailed close-up photos!. Use it often; you can result in many great photos!

If you are photographing people, make them get in creative positions!.
Example; looking slightly up at the camera while biting on their thumb, revealing their palm with a pen-drawn heart on it!.)

There are no real mistakes in photography!. Sometimes, your 'mistakes' can come out as great pictures! Carefully examine your photos before deleting them!. You may accidentally delete an excellent picture!.

And, of course, be observant! Look around and visualize different potential photographs! Even something as simple as a fence, rock, or rope could turn out as a masterpiece, so keep a watchful eye!.

Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I decided to answer your main question only, because trying to tell you about mistakes was far too limiting!.

1) Practise!. In the last 12 months I too about 1,000 pictures, but a professional might take ten or 20 times as many!.

2) Enjoy

3) Learn the theory!. e!.g!. by Internet, magazines, library books, textbooks!.

4) Ignore any advice on composition e!.g!. rule of thirds until you have spent 3 years taking at least 1500 photos!.

5) Throw away any boring photos or ones that are technically bad unless you have a good excuse!. All good artists will show their best work and ruthlessly dump anything substandard before anyone except themselves sees it!.

6) Become aware why quality materials deliver such fabulous results!.

7) You could also dabble in scanning in family photos and optimising them using appropriate software on computer!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

- A good photographer is known in bad weather!.
- The best camera is that behind which the best photographer sits!.
- He who makes an abstract photo today, may not be a photographer tomorrow!.
- A good photographer measures like an engineer, thinks like a philosopher and sees the world like a poet!.
- The good light is known after the developing process!.
- Estimate the amount of grey in the photo, but beware of grayness in thoughts!.
- The best photos are those which you haven't taken yet!.
- He who thinks the objective can be truly objective is mistaking!.
- The camera is a sort of cameleon; it changes acording to the users personality!.
- Photography and sincerity work together hand in hand!.
- Photography is somewere on the way that leads from the crossing of art and technics!.
- Through photography one does not tell; one shows!.
- If you're skilled, even the dust on the lens can be of assistence!.
- Imitate the "masters" until you become one yourself!.!.!.if you do!.!.!.!.
- Remember that what you photograph not only "is" something, but "means" something too!.
- First learn what a flower is, then photograph it!.
- Don't leave the camera idle for too long!. It's bad for you both!.
- The modern camera doesen't necessarly take only modern photos!.
- Give up portreying if you don't bother knowing people!.
- To many photographers are more concerned with adjusting the clarity of the picture than that of the ideas!.
- Don't trade the camera you have in your hand for the one you see in a comercial!.
- Don't judge the photographer by his camera, but by his photos!.
- You become a good photographer if you know what happens when you act like a bad one!.
- The trigger-button is small, but it did bring down many great illusions!.
- It's good to be more sensitive then the film you are using!.
- A good photographer discovers subjects eaven through the thickest fog!.
- The automatic cameras can't make exactly what we want, they're just techincians, not artists!.
- Keep up with technology!.!.!.and with life too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Stop taking self-portraits!.

Read and learn about photography and look at pics taken by good photographers (not some kid's pics from myspace or facebook)!. I find I learn quite a lot when I read professional critiques of photographs, in photography magazines or related websites!. I also find that I learn quicker when I read an article on paper - not on the screen - so you may like to take printouts of good articles you see - but everyone's different hey!? Buy one good photography book - I still refer to "Langford's Starting Photography" - a book for beginners up to intermediate level, which I strongly recommend!.

Learn about lighting, lighting, lighting - it's THAT important, and the few basic rules in photography, like the rule of the thirds, lead-in lines, empty space, Depth of Field, and so on!. If you learn these rules and guidelines first, then you have a chance of getting a half-decent photograph and be different to 90% of snapshooters out there!.

Learn to SEE!. A famous photographer (My memory fails me) has once said "Any camera can record what you are seeing, but you have to SEE"!. It is not about the camera!. Professional photographers see things different to you and me therefore they come up with extraordinary images of otherwise ordinary things we see every day!.

Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Photography is all about light and composition!. If you know these elements well everything else is just technical training that anyone can learn!. If you don't understand light and composition, you will never make very good photographs!. That simple!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

shakey hands
don't know how to frame a picture
don't know how to set Fstops for Aperture, Shutter speed
don't know the correct exposure
don't know how to compose
don't know how to avoid spots, reflections etc
don't know how to crop a pic
don't know how to use the DOF to bring a subject outWww@QuestionHome@Com