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Question: Syncing a SB-800 with Sunpak 522!?
Is their a danger of burning out my nikon SB-800 by cord syncing it to my Sunpak 522!? Someone asked me to shoot a wedding on short notice!. I really need to use 2 flashes!. The only 2 I have are the 2 I'm asking about!. I know I can buy a slave unit for my Sunpak!. I just don't have time to order one and, no camera store in my area has one!. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I would worry that the sync voltage on this will be way too high and will damage not just your SB800 but your strobe the chart most people use list it having greatly varying test results and says "10!.84V, measured by Charles E!. Hunt III
but 170V reported by Martin B!. Reinhardt and
197V from Conrad Hoffman & 195V from "Adam"!.!.!.
22V from Ted Mishima — so be careful and check your strobe, there may be more than one edition of this unit out there!
Michael Foos checked with Sunpak, who reported "usually 19"

For Canon anything over 6 is bad for Nikon anything over 12


You can get a wein hot shoe to hot shoe safe sync slave it does have a PC cord socketWww@QuestionHome@Com

Unfortunately I don't know the specs of the Sunpak 522!.
From experiments, I know that the synch cable is just short-circuiting in order to trigger the flash!.

So far no danger!.

The only problem is that newer flashes, use a low voltage for the trigger (6V), older flashes use a much higher voltage (which by the way may also kill your camera!.!.!.!.)

It seems that the old Sunpack is using a higher voltage (24V or 190V), therefore you really risk grilling your camera and your other flash!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com