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Question: How does an artist who’s used to creating for other people, create an expression of herself artistically!?
I'm quickly finding out that I don't have a clue as to who I am!. …Or maybe I do and that’s the problem!. I am an artist and an animator!. But for the past 6 years I’ve been mostly working as a Graphic Designer!. Right now, I’ve just moved to a new state and I need to begin my job search a!.s!.a!.p!. I’m sure the pressure from that isn’t helping my creative process but still…

I'm working on my portfolio website!. I’m going to be looking for graphic design work!.!.!. but all my instincts tell me to design it for who I am… a crazy, fun, funky, animator, illustrator and designer… but when I look at other Graphic Designer websites they seem so streamlined, clean and hip!. I’m trying so hard to create a marketable website… but I KEEP HITTING a darn wall!!!

How do I express who I am through art and still market myself as a Graphic Designer!? Artists manage to do it all the time!. Me!? I've started 20 different looks and then work myself into a confused mess, then I see something else I like and start again!.

I know I need to follow my instincts!. But how!?!?!? Do any artists/designers out there have any advice!? At this point, I don’t even care if you recommend some artist’s block exercises!. I am having a hell of a time and really need to get this done!. Should I just design something that I like and to hell with convention!? Everything I’ve read says that’s a mistake…that a portfolio website is not the place to express your personality!. But for me, my personality affects most everything I do artistically –even boring Graphic Design stuff!.


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Do something you like and make a series!. Really focus on making it consistent with each other!. That way your folio looks unified!. Artists' block happens to the best of us all the time (I'm currently designing T-Shirts, and only one of five work, the others I just can't get it together)!. I usually walk away and come back to it!. I tell myself that if I can just put in five minutes or an hour's work a day I'll do fine!.

Self expression is sorta easy to do!. Can you see yourself putting this on a wall!? You know yourself better than anyone else!. if you don't fall in love with it at that moment in time, don't show it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com