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Question: Picasso (art history) question!?
In Spanish we're doing a project about one of picasso's painting!. I chose one of his easiest ones! It's called Petit Fleurs!. And heres the image link:http://imagecache2!.allposters!.com/images!.!.!.

But I dont know what kind of "style" it is!. (ex!. impressionist, abstract, surrealism!.!.!.!?)

also I can't seem to find enough information about this painting anywhere! Like what "message" the artist is trying to deliver!. Or anything else!.

Please, please help!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You really did not pick one of the easiest ones at all!. Simple, but to describe it as you said, you have to dig to figure why he did something like that when so many of his pieces were so detailed and meaningful!. Maybe he was seeing what he could get away with!? He's human!.

About Picasso:


On this site that sells posters they call it part of his: Sketches, Studies & Drawings (Picasso)


Look at it and I think your answer will come to you!. It is so pure, simple and "Unreal", I would say!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The first problem is that dealing with Picasso can easily put you outside of all the common styles!. The second is that I don't consider this a painting!.
Picasso basically never worked in impressionism or surrealism!. He is one of the creators of cubism!.
But this is a line drawing in a primitive style that could be done with brush, but just as well could be done with crayon, pastels, or directly on lithograph!. Most Picasso line work is much more complex than this, so you will find little being said about it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com